Affirmations for Worthiness – I am Worthy

Today’s post features Affirmations for Worthiness. These positive affirmations help you confirm the fact that you are an immortal child of the universe already full of power. You are worthy. Why not harness that spirit within you and bring it out to the world? The more you can push yourself forward in life the easier it gets and the more that you’ll feel that you are worthy and deserving of great things. You don’t have to sit back and let life happen to you. You don’t have to settle for ordinary. Let your light shine.

affirmations of worthiness I release the spiritual power within me

In today’s post you’ll get 7 quick tips to boost your feelings of worthiness. After that we have the affirmations of worthiness in video format followed by the written affirmations. Absorb the tips, watch the video then read the affirmations and you’ll know that you are worthy and deserving of greatness!

7 Tips to Boost Your Feelings of Worthiness

Before we get to the actual worthiness affirmations there are some simple steps you can take to start feeling more worthy right now. Below are 7 tips to boost your feelings of worthiness.

  1. Meditate – Meditation can help you access your inner spiritual center and help you realize your own innate power.
  2. Make a Big Picture Plan – Make a plan of what you want to accomplish and where you want to take your life. Break it into small steps and then start doing those steps.
  3. Keep busy – The busier you keep yourself doing what needs to be done the less you’ll fall victim to feelings of inadequacy or lack or worthiness.
  4. Treat others the Way You Want to be Treated – The Golden Rule.
  5. Give to Get – If you want more love in your life then give more love. If you want more money, be generous and donate to others. You get the picture.
  6. Connect with Successful People – Develop friendships and connections with successful people. Bring something of value to the relationship.
  7. Keep Learning – Keep learning as much as you can about your area of interest and related areas.

Alright, if you are ever feeling unworthy just get busy doing everything above. You won’t have time to feel unworthy or inadequate. You’ll just be getting better and better every day! And, do the positive affirmations below to help you keep on track.

Affirmations for Worthiness Video – I am Worthy and Deserving of Greatness

Affirmations for Worthiness

affirmations of worthiness immortal child of the universe

I am an immortal child of the universe.
I am worthy of greatness and supreme success.
My mind is a juggernaut of focused brilliance.
My body is a house of power.
I release the immense spiritual power within me.
I am motivated to achieve greatness.

The universe welcomes my push for success.
I make smart plans to accomplish great things.
I take smart actions and always move forward.
The more I meditate the more I connect to my inner power.
I treat others the way I want to be treated.
Others look up to me.
Others are proud of my accomplishments.

I blaze a trail of massive success.
I am a person on the go.
Winning comes easily to me.
Getting the job done is satisfying.
I create a life worthy of greatness.

Be the Best

15 minute manifestation

I take actions that propel me forward.
Others are motivated by my positive attitude.
All are magnetically attracted to me.
I want to be the best I can be in everything I do.
I want to be an example for others.

My actions lead to greatness.
My spirit leads to wisdom.
I take the actions that make me worthy of massive success.
I take the actions that bring me unlimited riches.

affirmations of worthiness juggernaut of brilliance

The more I accomplish, the better example I can be for others.
The wealthier I become the more I can help others.
I am constantly learning and growing.
I am growing greater every day.

The universe wants me to succeed.
I tap into the universal power within me.
The universe is my swimming pool.
Why shouldn’t I make a big splash?
I am on the road to super success.
I am worthy of all the greatness that comes to me.

Alright, hope you enjoyed those affirmations of worthiness. If you have any of your own please share them with us in the comments section below. And be sure to check out some of our related confidence and worthiness-building posts at Wealthvibes below.

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