Affirmations to Get Your Ex Back

Today we feature positive Affirmations to Get Your Ex Back or attract someone better. These will be focused on getting you to fill your life with positive actions that will have you becoming more attractive inside and out. You will be a powerful force moving forward. This post also includes 7 Tips to Get Your Ex Back and a powerful video to help you become the prize that all potential love interests will seek out.

As you start becoming more and more attractive and more and more successful, exes may start to reach out to you again. The choice will then become yours as to whether they fit into your life or not. You will see yourself as the prize.

This, above all else, is a journey of self-improvement. As you begin to realize just how powerful you are, inside and out, you may also realize that former relationships may not be right for you. Prepare for new and better relationships to start coming your way. Only entertain having a relationship if it makes sense for the new better you. There is no need to hang onto something for the sake of familiarity. The choice is yours. You are in charge of your life.

7 Tips to Get Your Ex Back

Before we get to the actual affirmations to get your ex back, we’ll give you some tips you can use that can help you in this regard.

Don’t Contact Your Ex

Don’t contact your ex. You broke up for a reason. Whether initiated by you or your ex there was a reason it happened. Maybe you aren’t right for each other. Whatever the reason, don’t initiate contact. If your ex wants to get back let them initiate the contact. When you start the process below it won’t matter anyway. This is about you. You are going to commit to non-stop growth and by doing so open yourself up to a flood of romantic opportunities. Whether your ex comes back or not it really won’t matter.

Go for Constant Improvement

Get heavy into self-improvement. As stated above, you want to be constantly improving yourself. As you constantly improve you’ll find that your options for a potential partner will be improving as well. Indeed you will probably find that many of your new options could outshine the desirability of a relationship with an ex.

Be Positive and Happy

Be positive, happy and cheerful. Bring your positivity into every encounter. People want to hang around and support those who are in a positive state of mind. Conversely, people start to avoid those who are chronically negative. So, put your best foot forward and bring the positive attitude with you wherever you go.

Take Your New Great Life to Social Media

Likewise on social media be positive and cheerful. Post happy positive pictures and let it be known that life is great. If you’re upgrading your life via self-improvement make subtle allusions to the fact. Maybe post pics of you are working out, or hiking in beautiful areas, or doing yoga with a group.

Similarly, if you start a new job or side-hustle put that out there. If you’re reading a book that you enjoy maybe give a recommendation. In other words, let it be known that you are active and happy and sucking the marrow out of life. This info will get back to your ex. They will know you are doing just fine without them. If they do choose to contact you the ball will then be in your court.

Make New Friends

Put yourself out there. Start going to and hanging out at places where you could develop more friendships, especially with potential mates. The more people you develop friendships with, the bigger the potential mating pool to draw from. Your next relationship may come from a friend of a new friend. Who knows? Get out there and have fun.

Recognize all the Possibilities

Recognize that life is filled with infinite possibilities. Don’t get stuck into narrow thinking that there is only one person for you. As the old saying goes there are a lot of fish in the sea. Get your brain unstuck. The more different people you go out with, the more you’ll realize that there are a lot of good potential mates. The odds that there is someone out there more suited to you than your ex is great. You just have to keep improving yourself and put yourself out there. Don’t get stuck on one-itis.

Move Forward and Have Fun

We’re here on planet earth to have a great time. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Move forward in life. Don’t get stuck in the past or fixated on past relationships. Every day going forward is a brand new start for you. Embrace it and embrace the possibilities.

As stated before, these affirmations to get your ex back are mostly about you. Improve your life, get positive and get going to a new future. Do that and you’ll attract your ex back or someone even better!

1 Hour Affirmations Audio Set to Get Your Ex-Back or Someone Better Downloadable MP3

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Affirmations to Get Your Ex Back or Someone Better Video

The Affirmations to Get Your Ex Back or Someone Better Video contains the ex back affirmations you’ll find that are in written form below it. We also have a similar video on youtube that contains the same affirmation set plus an additional semi-subliminal set of personal growth affirmations. You can check that out here: Affirmations to Get Your Ex Back with Subliminal Growth Affirmations. (A new window will open on youtube.)

Affirmations to Get Your Ex Back

affirmations to get your ex back go after your dreams

You focus on creating the life of your dreams.
You constantly up your game.
Your life is focused on getting better every day.
You always look forward never back.
You are the creator of your destiny.
Others are magnetically drawn to you.
All sense your inner power.

You strive to improve in every area of your life.
You make it a habit to always be getting better.
Others see your constant growth.
Others note how you are on the rise in all areas of your life.
You are a go-getter.
You are focused on improving your life.
Your life is one to be admired.
Others are amazed by what you start accomplishing.

You exercise every day.
You focus on improving your outer appearance.
Every day you work on your inner strength.
You meditate daily for more peace and contentment.
You are perfectly happy with your own company.
All are magnetically attracted to you.
You get out and mingle with like-minded souls.
You bring a positive attitude with you wherever you go.

Ex Back Affirmations – You Create New Connections

Friendships come easily to you.
Relationships come easily to you.
You are friendly and meet new people.
You create new connections.
Your positive attitude draws others in.
You carry yourself like a winner.
Every goal achieved is a win.
You quickly achieve more and more.
You are a lightning rod to success.

Others take notice of your energy and enthusiasm.
Ex partners start reaching out to you.
You know that you are the prize.
You stay busy with your own self-improvement.
Your ex may want you back.
The choice is yours.
You may choose to hold out for someone better.
There is no rush.
You are the prize.

The universe brings your ex or someone better into your life.
The new you is attracting multiple exciting partners.
You don’t have to settle for ordinary.
You are extraordinary.
Your life is your creation.
You are a one and only keeper.

You are becoming better and better every day.
The power of the universe flows freely through you.
Your inner power is growing every single day.
You carry that power with you into every encounter.
Your confidence is sky-high.
You know that you are the prize.
Others want to be around you.
Others want to be with you.

More Affirmations to Get Your Ex Back – You are Constantly Improving

You are constantly taking the actions that propel you forward in life.
You are strong inside and out.
Your inner light shines bright.
All are attracted to your powerful presence.
You work diligently on your outer appearance.
Your inner power and confidence naturally increases your attractiveness.
You are growing more and more attractive every day.
Your confidence grows every day.

Others want to bask in your powerful presence.
All are attracted to you.
You constantly up your game.
You focus on ways to improve every area of your life.
Every day you are becoming better in every area.
You work on improving your appearance.
You work on increasing your income.
Your life is created by you.
Your life is becoming a masterpiece.

You are focused on achieving your goals.
You are relentless and unstoppable.
Your gaze is magnetic.
All are mesmerized by your magnetic presence.
Everyone wants to be around you.
Your confidence is overflowing.
You are the life of the party.
You have massive charisma.

Know that You are the Prize – Ex Back Affirmations

When you enter a room others want to be near you.
You carry yourself like the prize that you are.
You flow with power wherever you go.
Exes may want to get back with you.
Exes will be attracted to you.
The choice is yours.
You call the shots.

You are fun-loving and cheerful.
Everybody enjoys being around you.
You are in control of how you respond to any situation.
You are a force of power and joy.
The more you take action the better your life becomes.
You are relentless in the pursuit of your goals.

Your focus is on you.
You are the leader of your life.
You’re in charge of all that you do.
Your life is complete and whole on it’s own.
Any relationships you have will complement who you are.
You are super confident.
You are the prize.

Hope you enjoyed these affirmations to get your ex back. As you noticed they are mostly about you. Keep moving forward to improve your life, stay busy, make more friends, be positive and good things are going to happen in your life. You will attract the perfect person for you – whether that may be an ex or someone totally new!

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