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Today we have a Free Daily Affirmations PDF for you called Double Dynamite. Double Dynamite features the daily affirmations found in our Dynamite Daily Affirmations post and our Warrior Spirit Daily Affirmations post. Dynamite Daily meets Warrior Spirit! A double punch of motivation if there ever was one. I’ve also included some motivating images in the pdf to further fan your motivational flames.

Stick around after the daily affirmations pdf download for some more great stuff!

Double Dynamite Free Daily Affirmations PDF Download

To download Double Dynamite just click the link below and and a new window will open taking you over to our download page on MediaFire. There will be a download button in the upper right corner. Just click that to download the affirmations book pdf file to your device. Hope you enjoy it!

Double Dynamite Free Daily Affirmations PDF Download

Daily Affirmations for Confidence and Self-Esteem Videos

If you aren’t familiar with the daily affirmations we feature in the pdf the 2 videos below will give you most of them. The videos are the Dynamite Daily Affirmations and the Warrior Spirit Daily Affirmations.

Dynamite Daily Affirmations Video

Warrior Spirit Affirmations Video

Bonus Daily Affirmations

Today I access the power of my higher self.

I bring the infinite power of the universe with me wherever I go.

I have a charismatic personality.

All are attracted to me.

I am a stabilizing force for good.

The more people I help today, the better I feel.

The more good I do today, the better I feel.

I am a helper of humanity.

Today I bring the love.

Alright, hope you enjoyed these Double Dynamite Daily Affirmations, the bonus affirmations, and the Free PDF download! If you enjoyed the video and the affirmations please let us know in the comment section below. Also, please join our Wealthvibes Bulletin. You’ll be alerted anytime we have something new. Hope you’re enjoying a power-filled double-dynamite kind of day!

Bob K.

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