555 Manifestation Method with Manifesting Success Stories

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Today we have the 555 manifestation method with manifesting success stories. We also have the 555 Manifesting Method Done for You Money video. So, what is the 555, or 55×5, manifestation method? It is a law of attraction technique for attracting what you want in your life.

Basically with this technique you think about what you want to attract in your life and you write it down in the form of an affirmation. For instance, if you want to manifest $10,000, you might write something like the following: “I am attracting $10,000 into my life now.”

You can create one or more of these affirmations according to just what it is you want to attract. Once you have your set of affirmations you then commit to writing them down 55 times a day for 5 days – hence the 55×5, or 555 manifestation method.

We’ve already featured the shortened form of this technique in our article entitled, The 3×33 Manifestation Method to Attract What You Want in Life. with the 33×3 method you write the set of affirmations down 33 times a day for 3 days.

With 3×33 method post, I created a “done for you” money attracting video as well as a love attracting video. In each video the set of affirmations are repeated 33 times. You can easily accomplish the 3×33 method by watching one of the videos once a day for 3 days.

555 Method Done for You Affirmations and Videos

The “done for you” manifesting videos are great if you have limited time to actually try this technique. I mean trying to find the time to write a set of affirmations 55 times, or even 33 times, can be a chore itself. With the video the affirmations are already repeated that certain number of times. In addition, you can read each affirmation as you listen to them being repeated. This is great to doubly reinforce the message of what you want to accomplish. Alternatively you can even write them as they are being voiced.

Speed and double-reinforcement are great aspects of the “done for you” 33×3 manifestation videos. However there may be some advantages to doing the technique yourself. For instance, you can further refine and tailor the affirmations to fit your own personal life and unique situation. Also, the physical act of writing each affirmation will help reinforce those messages. As noted, though, you can also write them as they are being voiced in the done for you versions as well.

You should use whatever method works the best for you. If you are lacking time then definitely watch the manifestation videos we have. If you want to really refine your message to the universe then write your own set of manifesting affirmations. Whatever you decide, please let us know in the comments section how it went for you.

555 Manifestation Method – Done for You Affirmations

Here is a Manifesting Money set of “done for you” affirmations. To use this set with the 555 manifestation technique just repeat the below set 55 times a day for 5 days. Alternatively, we’ve created a 55×5 manifesting money video with the same affirmations you find below. Simply watch the video once a day for 5 days. To ramp up the effectiveness you can also repeat the affirmations out loud while the video plays and write them down as well. While you do this really try to feel that you are already rich in all aspects of your life. The video will find the affirmations below.

555 Manifesting Money Affirmations Set

555 manifestation method manifesting money

The universe is sending an abundance of prosperity to me in all areas of my life.
I am open to receiving great wealth and am blessed with a generous spirit.
I constantly learn all I can about money and take advantage of great opportunities.
I focus on viral and scalable methods that allow me to make as much money as quickly as possible.
I take massive action that is increasing my income and wealth every day.

555 Manifestation Method Manifesting Money Video

The 555 Manifestation Method video below contains a set of money affirmations that are repeated 55 times. Watch this once a day for 5 days to complete the 55×5 manifesting money method. At that point you’ll still want to take action every day to move in the direction of your money goal while letting the universe work its magic in the background.

Hope you enjoyed the 555 manifestation method money video above. Remember, just once a day for 5 days, but keep taking action to manifest what you want.

555 Manifesting Method Success Stories

15 minute manifestation

If you haven’t already done so be sure to check out our Manifesting Money Success Stories Using LOA Techniques post. It is filled with a variety of success stories from around the web about how ordinary folks used various manifesting techniques to manifest money.

Leeor Alexandra’s Facebook Group Manifesting Success Stories

Leeor Alexandra is a youtuber who has a law of attraction facebook group and in this video
she describes some 555 manifestation method success stories from those in her group.

One anonymous poster in Leeor’s group noted that it only took hours to manifest a date after doing the method. This poster actually used the 33×3 method, the shortened form of the 555 method. Even more amazing was that the girl who manifested the date wrote down that she wanted to go to a specific restaurant. She got a date offer to that same restaurant.

Another member did the 55×5 method for money because she was going to buy a cosmic love amulet that was in short supply and knew it would leave her short for the month. So, on the fifth day she showed the amulet to her grandmother who promptly gave her money to pay for it and told her to consider it an early birthday present!

2 Cups Manifestation Method

Leeor also told how one member used the 2 cups manifesting method to manifest what they wanted. The two cups method is a type of dimension shifting method. It involves a full cup labelled with your present situation (say “poor”) and an empty cup labelled with your desired situation (say abundance).

How it works is that you focus on what your desired situation will look like and you really emotionally feel what you imagine that to be. You then pour the water from the present situation cup into the desired reality cup. You next drink the water from the desired cup. While you do that you focus on and really believing that the desired result is occurring. Then you live as if that desired result has occurred.

What you are doing with the 2 cups method is a type of dimension or reality-shifting. Many speculate that there are infinite dimensions in which we have alternate versions of ourself. Our lives in these different dimensions may play out differently based on the choices we make.

With the 2 cups method you are taking on the desired aspects of what could be an alternate you in a different dimension. If you are familiar with the concept of “quantum jumping” this 2 cup manifestation method seems to be similar to that. In fact, years ago I created a quantum jumping video for my old psychic power site in which you harness abilities you may have in alternate dimensions to become the Super You. To check out this quick video click the following link and a new tab will open taking you to the quantum jumping video on youtube.

Eve’s 55×5 Manifesting Method Success Stories

Eve at bestlawofattraction shares several great 55×5 manifesting method success stories. One person manifested a blue tooth speaker. He did the method and 2 weeks later a friend gave him one.

Eve also relates the story of how one gal manifested a text from a guy she liked and hadn’t heard from in a week. After doing the method, she got a text asking her out and proceeded to have a great time.

More 555 Method Success Stories

A number of posters on Reddit have noted that they have had success with the 55×5 manifesting method. For instance, one user KT used the method to try and manifest money and out of the blue she got offered a new job that came with more money!

Another poster related that they used the method when they were having trouble finding a graphic designer for a logo design they were working on. On the 4th day an artist called her to let her know they could do her project.

These are just a few of the many 555 manifesting technique success stories out there. Why not become a 555 Method Success Story yourself? Try out the technique and let us know how it goes for you in the comments section below. Also, be sure to check out our other manifesting articles below to help you attract what you want in life.

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Hope you enjoyed today’s 555 manifesting post. Please let us know in the comments section if you try the method.

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