How to Manifest Money and Get Some Big Wins

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Today we have “How to Manifest Money and Get Some Big Wins.” This one might be a bit on the long side but I think it should be well worth it. We are going to feature info on how to manifest money in the first part of the article. In the second half we’ll direct you to the areas you need to be in in order to start manifesting some Big Wins in your life. This post is part of our new Manifesting series. (Disclaimer: Always do you own due diligence when it comes to any financial advice. I am not a registered financial representative.)

Our previous article “Manifestation Secrets and Techniques to Attract Your Dream Life” gave you a series of things you could do to attract whatever you wanted to attract in life. And, a complementary post we had was “Law of Attraction Money Tips to Attract Abundance.” If you haven’t read those yet definitely give them a read as they will really go into more detail on the specific steps you can take to try and manifest money.

But, in this How to Manifest Money post today I’m going to go over some of those other manifestation techniques briefly and introduce a couple of new ones. But, I want to spend some time on the second point in the title as well, “How to set yourself up for big wins in life.”

For instance, I’m going to lay out the broad categories we covered in both our Law of Attraction money tips and the Manifestation Secrets and Techniques articles. As you’ll see below there are a variety of ways you can use the law of attraction and manifestation to attract more money into your life. Definitely read those article as they will go into more specifics. But, I’ll give you the broad strokes, add a few more techniques, and then we’ll delve into setting yourself up for big wins in life.

Before continuing I know there are some folks out there looking to manifest money overnight, in 24 hours or even manifesting money instantly. Is it possible? I’ve read anecdotal stories of it happening. However, if you are looking to manifest money I would focus on using the manifestation techniques and strategies below and give it time. I would also combine those techniques with taking massive action on your part to speed up the process.

And, finally, if you want to spend your valuable time doing anything you want to make sure there is a possibility that manifesting actually works. To that end, check out our Manifesting Money Success Stories post. After doing so I think you’ll definitely want to give these manifestation secrets a chance.

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How to Manifest Money Summary

So what are the manifestations secrets and techniques we’re going to cover in today’s post? I’m going to list them below and then we’ll flesh them out individually after the list. So, what are the actions to take when answering the question how to manifest money? All of the techniques below can be used to try and manifest money:

  • Visualization – visualize what you want
  • Ask and You Shall Receive
  • Manifestation Scripting – Write down what you want
  • Write Yourself a Law of Abundance check
  • Use the Spoken Word when Reciting Your Script
  • Take Action
  • Be Positive and Use Affirmations
  • Have Gratitude and Forgiveness
  • Act as If You’ve Already Made it
  • Declutter Your Life
  • Use a Vision Board
  • Bring the Universe into Play – Agree that You Will Help Others
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
  • Chakra Money Meditation

Manifesting Money Quickly Affirmations Video

Below we have a Manifesting Money Affirmations video that also includes calls to use the actual manifestation techniques and secrets listed above. This is also great to do as a manifesting sleep meditation before bed as it is 30 minutes long. We also have another similar one on our Manifesting Money Quickly post. The similar video contains the same money affirmations found below along with a subliminal layer of money magnet affirmations at a lower volume.

How to Manifest Money with the Law of Attraction


Visualize the things you want in life. Get focused and specific and see what you want in your mind’s eye. Spend some time creating the picture in your mind. See it and believe it, and it should set your subconscious mind to thinking about ways to actually push you to make it happen.

Ask and You Shall Receive

This is one of those classic phrases (Biblical) that has a lot of merit:

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh
findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

how to manifest money you miss the shots you dont take

Essentially, when you ask for what you want, you are putting it out there to the Universe and your own subconscious mind. You are announcing that this something you want in life and that you are going to go after it.

Taking this concept even further, you can apply it to a variety of aspects in your life. For instance, if you want a raise, go ask for it. If you want to date someone, go ask them out. If you want to network with a high net-worth individual, ask to connect. You may get turned down all around but it will get you in the habit of asking for what you want in life.

And, as the old Wayne Gretzky quote goes, “You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.” So, why not start asking for what you want and start taking those shots?

Use Manifestation Scripting (Write down what you want)

This one is powerful. Just writing down what you want to go after sets the Universe to working it’s magic. And, I suspect, it sets your subconsious mind to steering you in the direction you need to go. If you want to use just one thing from the first part of the how to manifest money post then manifestation scripting is it.

In Manifestation Secrets I detailed my story of writing down some New Years goals one year. I spent an hour or two fleshing them out on paper but then promptly forgot about them. The next year I went to do it again and found the old list. Over 50% of the items on that list I had accomplished without consciously thinking about them.

Now, Manifestation Scripting is a little bit different then just writing a list of New Year’s Resolutions. But, what happens if you have the list and actively seek to knock them out? A lot higher percentage I’m thinking. In Manifestation Secrets I go into more detail about how to do Manifestation Scripting. But, here I’ll just list the highlights below.

Manifestation Scripting Summary

  • Address the Manifestation Script to whatever power you want.
  • List everything you want to bring into your life.
  • Put an end date on the manifestation script.
  • Sign the script and belive it will happen.
  • Repeat the script outloud several times a day.
  • Repeat the script with positive emotion knowing that it will come true.
  • Use the manifestation script for a week or two then put it away.
  • Let the Universe and your subconscious mind work it’s magic.

How long should you recite the script? As I noted above you could do it several times a day for a week or two but it is up to you. There are a variety of different time frames including the 3×33 method. With that method you recite the script 33 times a day for 3 days. Similarly there is the 5×55 manifestation method. Whatever you choose your mission is to firmly implant the script in your mind and then release it to the universe.

How to Manifest Money – Write Yourself a Law of Abundance Check

A Law of Abundance check is simply a check you write to yourself for the amount of money you want to manifest. Jim Carrey wrote himself an Abundance check for 10 million dollars in the mid 90’s and then learned he would be paid $10 Million for an upcoming movie. Don’t have a check you want to use? I’ve created over 20 different ones that you print for free.

Free Abundance Checks and new moon cheques PDF

You can use this set of free printable Law of Abundance aka new moon checks that you can use to start manifesting right now. To see what’s available and how to use them you can check out our post Law of Abundance Checks including New Moon Cheques.

Go After What You Want

From my Money and the Law of Attraction article this is the same step as the Manifestation Secrets “take action” step. Essentially, you want to do everything in your own power to make what you have written down a reality. Take the actions necessary to get your goals accomplished.

If your goals or desires seem too big, break them down into the smaller steps necessary to accomplish them. Then actually start doing the things necessary to make them happen. Do the work and you’ll reap the reward. Make yourself the one responsible for making any manifestations happen. Don’t put it on the universe – put it on yourself. Just make it happen.

How to Manifest Money – Be Positive and Use Affirmations

Bring a big positive attitude to the table and it will keep you moving forward. You can keep motivated and positive by using affirmations. In this How to Manifest Money post the focus is on manifesting money. With that in mind, I’ll link to some of our money and abundance affirmations posts below. Most of them have money attracting videos. You’ll definitely want to check out our 55 Money Affirmations post. In it I’ll show how some affirmation users reported amazing money manifestations.

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Also, if you wanted to get started right now, give our Money Magnet video a quick watch.

Have Gratitude and Forgiveness

Be grateful for everything in your life and forgive yourself for all wrongs you have done and others have done to you. This will propel you forward in life and serve you well. There are many benefits of having an attitude of gratitude. Check out some of them and do some of the affirmations in our
44 Gratitude Affirmations for an Abundant Life post.

Act as If – Another Tip on How to Manifest Money

Act as if you already have what you want in life. For instance, if you are looking to become ultra-wealthy, carry yourself as a wealthy person would. Try to network and hang out with wealthy folks. Now, don’t go on any spending sprees until you have actually arrived. However, it wouldn’t hurt to add incidentals that make you feel wealthier. Maybe a new watch or something that gives you that extra bit of confidence. Having said that, your confidence should come from within anyway.

Declutter Your Life

This is a simple one. When you organize and declutter your life, you are making room for everything New to enter in.

A Great Tip on How to Manifest Money – Be Generous

One hallmark of many wealthy people is their generosity. Being generous in your own life allows you to tap into the universal flow. Give of your time and more of your time should free up. Give more love to others and more love should flow to you in return. And, give of your money and more money should flow to you, etc.

How to Manifest Money using Manifestation Secrets and Techniques

Manifestation Scripting

We covered this one. Just one thing I wanted to add. When you do the manifestation scripting, actually write it down using pen and paper. From what I’ve read and seen there is apparently some magic in doing it the old-fashioned way.

Using the Spoken Word

Use the spoken word when you go to read your Manifestation Script. Throughout history there are reports of the power of the spoken word.

How to Manifest Money – Use a Vision Board

In Manifestation Secrets I told the John Assaraf vision board story. A real estate mogul and one of the stars of the Secret movie, Assaraf when just starting out had created a vision board. On the vision board he put up a variety of pictures from magazines about things he wanted to manifest in his life. One of those things was a home on the ocean. Years later he ended up purchasing a home on the ocean. After being in the home for awhile he dug out his old vision board. While looking at it he realized that the picture on the home was not only similar to the one he manifested but, in fact, the exact same home! If you want to use some of our free virtual Vision Boards we have some in a variety of different categories including money and abundance.

Let the Universe Help You

Put it out there to the Universe and let it do it’s thing. Also, make a plan that you will be a steward for good on this planet. I think you’ll get more other-worldly help if you have the firm intention of helping others while you manifest money. There is no proof of this but it just makes sense on a spiritual level. You are generating great karma every time you have an intention of helping others.

So, those are all the techniques for how to manifest money from the two posts we had. Two that didn’t get mentioned in those posts but that you might try are the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, and a Chakra Meditation to Attract Money.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – Another How to Manifest Money Strategy

EFT involves tapping various parts of your body on meridian points, or pathways, to get your energy flowing. This is similar to accupuncture. What adherents say is that this will help to balance your energy. The technique is known to reduce stress, but as to it’s effectiveness in other areas the jury is still out.

Below is a Money Magnet video from Brad Yates, an early proponent of the technique. In it he shows you exactly how to use the technique to attract more money.

How to Manifest Money with a Chakra Meditation

Another technique involves using a chakra meditation to manifest money. The chakras are just energy centers throughout your body. The various chakras control certain aspects of your life. The root chakra at the base of the spine is usually associated with grounding and safety and security.

If you click the link, a new window will open and it will take you to a Root Chakra meditation to Attract Money in your life.

I’ve also used some of the East Indian Money Mantras in the past. That is something else you can incorporate for those who want to do as much as possible when answering the question, How do you Manifest Money.

And, as a bonus tip for how to manifest money, Katherine Hurst notes that one should get rid of any limiting beliefs concerning money. For instance, that “money is in limited supply” or the “root of all evil” etc.

Set Yourself Up for Big Wins in Life

There you have a lot of the traditional manifestation techniques and methods for those looking at how to manifest money in their lives. But, if you are going to spend some time in an attempt to really start attracting serious money into your life why not look at those that have actually done it. And, those that have done it, usually do it by getting into areas that have the capacity where you can go viral or scale up the income and money.

How do you do this? You do it by getting into an area or business in which your production can lead to ever-increasing income or revenue. Eventually this may get you one of those Big Wins.

How to Manifest Money Tip

Now, on a personal note, I’ve had what I consider some mid-size victories but certainly nothing major. I tend to have “shiny object syndrome” where I’m off to the next big thing before having reached great success in any one thing. So, you’ll want to watch out for that tendency.

I’ve taken some swings and connected but I have often whiffed big as well. In fact, if you get a chance, check out one of my stories from my Money Diary series. That one is entitled, “I Had a Dream that the Stock Market Crashed.” I set myself up for a Big Win in that one, but I won’t spoil the ending.

How to Get the Big Wins

Put yourself in a position to go viral. Do something where you can scale up the results. You can’t do that with an ordinary job. With an ordinary job you are just trading dollars for hours. Now, if you have a job that pays very well, that is a different situation.

If you do, you can take excess money and divert it to a variety of investments to start creating multiple streams of income in areas that can indeed start to generate passive income. This will give you an ability to multiply your profits and scale up to even more money. And, from there you can also go into big win situations as well. Be sure to check out our article 22 Wealth Tips here on Wealthvibes. While there you can pick up the free pdf, Timeless Wealth Wisdom.

Anyway, what you want to do when starting out is to add a variety of ways to make money into your toolbox. The more methods you have at your disposal the more likely it will be that you will one day generate some big money wins in one category or another. You may look back at one or more of them as “money manifestations” only to later realize that there may have been some serious setup and follow-through involved. The alternative, however, is to be stuck in a job with incremental raises and frankly no real light until you get to the end of a very long tunnel.

How to Manifest Money Realistically – Big Win Areas

So, I follow a lot of the Big Money folks on the internet. A lot of them have some of the same things in common. They often started from humble roots but turned a great work ethic into incredible Big Wins and net worth by channeling that great work ethic into areas that have the potential to give them serious rewards for all that smart and hard work!

There are a ton of other folks who have a great work ethic but they are in fields or jobs that don’t pay. You can be the greatest dishwasher in the world but the fact remains that the job just doesn’t pay well. Why not channel that same hard work into another area with better potential? We can do the same.

Big Money Areas with Potential to Scale Up and Get Rich

Here is a list of areas where, if you apply yourself and put in the work, you can get big wins. What I’m going to do is give examples of some of the incomes from some of those in these areas. Now, remember some of these areas there is more risk to get started. For instance, if you buy a business, or a franchise or something like that. On the flip side, the more risk the more reward.

  • Your Own Business
  • Real Estate
  • Stock Market
  • Amazon FBA
  • Online Business
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Youtube
  • Influencer

Your Own Business

I remember talking to a friend who had a postal route delivering in an area of very nice homes. I asked him what those folks who lived there did for a living. His answer was that for the most part they were lawyers, doctors and business owners.

Real Estate

Lots of people who get wealthy and have big wins do it in the real estate field. You have folks who have huge rental portfolios or make big money flipping properties. For instance, Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame bought his first rental property in 1973. He now owns over 7,000 properties all bringing in positive cash flow. Lots of free investing info out there. Check out Bigger Pockets for great free real estate investing advice:

Stock market

I follow Jeremy from Financial Education for stock tips. This guy started out working at a Quik Trip. He started a real estate marketing business and then eventually a youtube channel. His various portfolios are heavy on growth and a bit riskier but he has made some great calls, e.g. Tesla. But, where the guy shines is his Youtube channel. But he also makes money from selling his own course. Plus, he’s pumping out a lot of content in an area that he obviously loves. Graham Stephan, a multi-millionaire real-estate investor and Youtuber interviews Jeremy on his 50k a month income.

How to Make Money with Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

With Amazon’s FBA program you ship or dropship products to be stored at the Amazon warehouses and then Amazon fulfills your order and handles all returns. They take a nice slice along the way. However, there are a lot of sellers making tens of thousands of dollars every month.

One of the reasons being is that the business totally scalable. If you are having the product drop shipped from say China, it doesn’t cost you any more time to sell 200 items than it does 20. But the gain in profit can be enormous. You may have to confront some products that don’t work in the beginning but the more you learn the better your chances of finding a successful product.

Stephan from Project Life Mastery and his fiancee, Tatiana talk about how much can be made with Amazon FBA. I know at one point Tatiana alone was making $40,000 a month with one of her products. I’ve followed Stephan for years and he has made a variety of income online from selling books for the Kindle, to affiliate marketing, to Amazon. Check out the video here: Make money with FBA

Online Business

There are thousands of folks making thousands of dollars a month and more through a variety of online businesses. You can make money with:

  • Your own blog
  • Selling Goods on Demand – think T-shirts, mugs, etc.
  • Dropshipping stores
  • Shopify Stores
  • Etsy
  • Ebay

and the list goes on and on. This is one of those areas where you just need to get started and learn as you go. The potential exists for major profits once you find a niche that is profitable.

Affiliate Marketing

In this business model you promote other people’s products. Here is a video of Peng Joon on how he made over 10 million promoting one product – Click Funnels. One of the reasons he’s made so much money is because that product comes with a fairly hefty monthly price tag. It’s basically a sales funnel builder for website owners.

Now every time Peng Joon makes a sale of that product he not only makes an initial sale but he gets a monthly recurring income for as long as that person stays a member. And that is just one of the products that he has promoted over the years. I remember watching a video of him in which he noted that at the time of that video he was making $56,000 a month in recurring revenue just from that program. Having said that he has been promoting for quite some time. He was one of the first ones to win a huge sales contest promoting that product. I think the bonus for winning the contest alone was $32K!

Folks, that is just one individual out of thousands and thousands who are promoting millions of different products online. So, as you can see there is money out there. We just need to go after it.

Youtube Money

With Youtube the sky is the limit. There are thousands of folks making hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars a month. Then there is streaming game-player Pewdie Pie. At last count he was making $8 Million Dollars a month. A month.

I remember reading an article about him in which he had reached number 1 in a certain video game. At the time he wasn’t making any money. He was actually going to start playing the same game again. At that point he asked himself what he was doing with his life? He decided he was going to take on another game but film it while he was playing and the rest as they say is history.

Doing youtube is something you can start today with just the video camera on your phone. That is the way that many of the folks who are currently making thousands of dollars a month have done it.


And just one more example of folks that are making it big. You can be an influencer on Instagram or youtube or twitter or tiktok or wherever. Once you grow your audience you can get paid to make ad placements and have all sorts of different revenue streams. As one small example take Kylie Jenner. In 2019 she made $170 million. She made this through her cosmetic company, tv deals, and product endorsements. That is ridiculous.

So, there you have the areas that you can go into in which there is potential to have some breakout Big Wins. And, in addition, we covered a variety of manifestation techniques you can use to manifest money. Here is the list of things you can do in the manifestation area that we’ve covered today:

That’s it for this post, How to Manifest Money and Get Some Big Wins. The world is your oyster out there. Why not hit it from the inside with all the different law of attraction and manifestation techniques available. And, then hit it from the outside with the variety of different Big Win techniques available. That is a Win/Win in my book.

If you have any comments I would love to hear them. Are there any of these techniques that you are currently using? And, if so, how are you doing with them? If so please let us know.

Hope you are enjoying a marvelous day today!

Bob K.

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