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Today we feature some I Am Affirmations with a free pdf. These affirmations are geared to helping you create and construct the life you want to live. You can download the free pdf below. In addition, I’ve also created an “I am affirmations” video based on these affirmations. And, finally I created 2 different 1 hour audios based on these “I am affirmations” that you can check out by clicking the banner above. The backing music in one of the audios above is the same as found in the video below.

After you go through the affirmations, I’ll have the download link to your free I AM Affirmations PDF. But, stick around after that. I’m going to include some bonus “I am affirmations” from my free Mind Power Pack self-improvement pdf and some motivational videos I had created that went along with those affirmations. Those videos also contain a number of “I am affirmations.”

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New I Am Affirmations Video from Youtube

I Am Affirmations

I am the ruler of my universe.

My thoughts create and shape my environment.

I create the life of my choosing.

I control how I feel in any situation.

If it is to be, it is up to me.

I am love and light.

I am at peace.

No one has the power to alter my mood.

I seek to realize my full potential.

I can tap into the unlimited power of the universe.

My ability to do anything comes from within.

More I Am Affirmations – I Am a Mind Master

i am affirmations tower of strength

I am a juggernaut of energy.

I am a titan of confidence.

My creative mind shapes my reality.

I move forward in life with focus and speed.

I am a mind master.

Others are amazed by what I can accomplish.

My mind functions at optimum levels.

I am a peak performer.

I create magic in my life.

My life is created by me.

I make a plan for my life.

My plan goes out years and scales down to days.

I visualize everything I want in my life.

I make a promise to myself to go after and get what I want.

My dream life becoming real is up to me.

You are in Control of Your Choices and Life

I am in control of every choice I make.

I have the power.

The power to do whatever I want is mine.

The choices I make control my life.

I make great choices.

I make choices that get me closer to my dream life.

Whatever I want in life, I write down.

Nothing can stop me from going after what I want.

I am relentless.

I am invincible.

The more I move toward what I want, the more momentum I gain.

I Am Affirmations – The Unstoppable You

I am a force of power.

I am unstoppable.

My mind is unbreakable.

I can access the immense power of the universe and blast through all limitations.

The past is in the past.

I realize my power, right now, this moment.

I will not be denied.

More I Am Affirmations – Adapt and Overcome

Change comes easily to me.

Learning new things comes easily to me.

I am resilient.

I am a force for good in the world.

There are no limitations to what I can do.

I can forge ahead through any obstacle.

I flip the switch to super success.

Like magic I create the life of my dreams.

I am a manifestation master.

I manifest like a magician.

My dream life is being created by me now.

Just I Am Affirmations

I am the best.

I am the master.

I am the bringer of light.

I am the bringer of love.

I am a tower of strength.

I am a voice of reason.

I am filled with love and light and happiness.

I am an original.

I am a poet of the Universe.

I am a spark of the divine.

I am the Creator of my life.

I Am Affirmations PDF Free Download

I am affirmations pdf for free

We have a free I Am Affirmations PDF download for you today. When you click the link below you’ll be taken to our free download page on Mediafire. Once there just click the download button and you can save the file to your device.

Click here to download your free I Am Affirmations PDF

Bonus I am Affirmations from the Mind Power Pack Free Affirmations PDF

Here are some bonus “I am affirmations” I’ve pulled from my Mind Power Pack Free Positive Affirmations pdf. I’ve also included a couple of the videos I created years ago for these sets of affirmations.


I never give up.

I get the job done.

I don’t quit.

I won’t quit.

I keep going.

I persevere.

I will be successful.

I keep going.

I don’t quit.

I won’t quit.

There is no quit in me.

I stay the course.

I believe in myself and what I am doing.

I never give up.

I am a winner.

I am successful.

I push myself to succeed.

I keep going.

I am a winner.

High Energy Affirmations Including I Am Affirmations

I flow with high energy.

I am supercharged.

I am energized.

I have high endurance.

I have a strong mind and a strong body.

I eat healthy foods.

I drink healthy drinks.

I exercise regularly.

I flow with high energy.

I have extraordinary strength.

My mind controls my body and my mind is very, very powerful.

I am positive and energetic.

Others are amazed at my high level of energy.

I have unlimited reserves of energy.

I am super powerful of mind and body.

I am energized.

I flow with high energy.

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