Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

Today we feature third eye chakra affirmations. Chakras are spiritual energy centers that co-ordinate to certain areas of your physical body. The third-eye chakra is located near the middle of the forehead behind the eyebrows. It is the 6th associated with the pineal gland.

The Sanskrit name for the third-eye chakra is Ajna, which means command and perceiving. Your third eye is the eye of second sight or clairvoyance. When you open up this chakra it reportedly gives you the ability to see beyond the physical dimension. The color of the third-eye chakra is bluish-white or indigo or purple.

The third eye chakra affirmations I have for you today I’ve taken from a video I created about 10 years ago. I was thinking about creating a new video, but the sentiments in this video pretty well sum it up. I created the video for my old mind power site,

UPDATE: I actually did create a new Third Eye Affirmations video. You can watch it on youtube here: Third Eye Chakra Affirmations Video

I’ll present you with the video first followed by the affirmations themselves. Also, if you haven’t seen our Crown Chakra Affirmations post yet definitely give it a look.

Opening the Third Eye Video

The Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

Feel your third eye chakra open and expand.
Feel the inner sight of your third eye expand.
Your psychic sight is now constantly expanding.
You enjoy having clearer sight.
Your awareness increases.
Your wisdom increases.

Your concentration increases.
Your third eye chakra remains open.
Your third eye is balanced and harmonized.
You are able to see the inner world and the outer world clearly.
You notice things previously not clear.
Your inner sight and outer sight become clear.

You are clear.
Wisdom flows through you.
Light flows through you.
Love flows through you.

Your Third Eye is Open

You are a being of infinite wisdom.
You are a being of infinite light.
You are a being of infinite love.
You are clear.

Your third eye is open.
You are a beacon of light.
You are a beacon of love.
You are wise.

Your third eye is balanced.
You are balanced.
You are grounded.
You are at peace.
You have keen insight.
You have keen perception.
You are clear.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post, Third Eye Chakra Affirmations. If you enjoyed it please let me know in the comments section below. I’ve included it here at Wealthvibes to hopefully help give you some clarity on things in your life that might not be so clear.

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