Root Chakra Affirmations for Money and Security

Today’s post features Root Chakra Affirmations for Money and Security. I’ve also created a Root Chakra for Money video that you can watch below. The root chakra is the first chakra, or Muladhara, and is located at the base of the spine. It is the root, or base, for all the other chakras. Therefore you want to make sure this chakra is balanced and unblocked. An unblocked root chakra will facilitate the flow of energy from the base to all the other chakras. This chakra is also called the Red Chakra.

The color of the root chakra is red. It is associated with one’s basic needs, as well as safety and security. Because money is a key compenent of one’s basic well-being, the root chakra is the money chakra. When you have enough money to feed yourself, put a roof over your head, and savings to handle emergencies, you are naturally going to feel safer and more secure. This feeling will help keep you grounded and the energy flowing into your higher chakras.

Consequently, today’s root chakra affirmations will focus on balancing this base chakra to help you maintain feelings of stability, safety, and security. Beyond these affirmations it is recommended that you keep active, exercise and enjoy a lot of daily movement. Yoga is wonderful to keep this first chakra flowing. In addition, meditation is also great for keeping you grounded and centered – a hallmark of the root chakra. As you’ll see, these activities will be encouraged in today’s root chakra affirmations.

Root Chakra Affirmations for Money Video

The Money Chakra

As just stated, the root chakra is the money chakra. So, to keep this chakra flowing you want to get your money situation handled. Always look for ways to make your financial situation better. Increase your income if you can. Build you net worth and create financial and physical backups in your life. For instance, have plenty of emergency funds set aside for a rainy day.

Also, as far as safety and security go, you might want to consider having physical backups in place. For instance, if the power goes out where you live it would be advantageous to have a generator, backup water and food, etc. All of these things will help give you a better sense of security and stability. With enough extra money in your life you can divert some of it to build a stockpile of these physical backups.

As finally, one more thing you can do to keep the root chakra flowing, is to repeat the root chakra mantra, “yam.” (Pronounced “yahhhmmm.”) And now on to your root, or base chakra affirmations.

Root Chakra Affirmations

My root chakra, at the base of my spine, is centered and grounded.
Exercise and movement is great to keep my root chakra energy flowing.
I love to keep active and exercise every day.
I love to walk in nature.
Meditation is another great tool to keep my root chakra balanced and flowing.
I spend some time in meditation every day.

I visualize a glowing red energy flowing in the area of my root chakra.
My root chakra is energized and harmonized.
I am flowing with powerful positive energy flowing up from my root chakra and travelling through all of my other spiritual energy centers.
I feel excited and energized.

My body is healthy and alive and feeling great.
I push myself to workout on a daily basis.
I push myself to spend time in nature.
All of my chakras are flowing with a wonderful glowing spiritual energy.
I feel fantastic and happy to be alive.
I am grateful for where I am right now, but am always looking to improve my situation.

Root Chakra Affirmations – The Money Chakra

My root chakra is open and aligned.
I set big money goals and go after them.
I have a money mindset that pushes me forward.
The more money I save the better I feel about my safety and security.

I research ways to increase my income and set about doing so.
I save and invest my money with the intention of getting further ahead.
With every passing day I feel better and better about my living situation.
I make backup plans for everything I do in life.
I feel secure knowing that I have backup plans in place to handle any situation.

My money situation is getting better all the time.
I make a plan to constantly increase my net worth.
I look at the best ways to provide for me and my family.
My mind is a magnet to money.
The more money I have the easier it is for everybody.
I create a financial safety net for myself and my loved ones.
Money flows to me in miraculous ways.

Backup Your Life to Feel More Secure

I look at investing in physical backups to increase my sense of security.
I think about having emergency food, water and power at my disposal.
The more stocked up I am the more secure I’ll feel.
I also look at ways to increase my actual physical security.
As a result I look at security services and devices for increased protection.
The more backups I have in all areas of my life the better I feel.
At the same time, I strengthen my connection with my infinite inner source, the ultimate backup plan.

My root chakra is flowing with a glowing healing energy.
Energy flows from my root chakra through all my other chakras and out through my crown chakra.
I am flowing with a powerful positive energy.
All of my chakras are aligned and energized.
I am open to wonderful things coming my way.
I look at life from a positive perspective.
My life is filled with wonderful potential.

Work Smart and Trust in the Universe – More Root Chakra Affirmations

I make a plan to improve myself and my life in all aspects.
I am excited and moving forward with my goals.
The universe sends powerful loving energy my way.
I am feeling good about where I am in life and where I am going.
Regardless of where I am right now I know the universe will provide.
I also know that the smarter I work the better my situation will get.

I am filled with joy and can’t help but smile at all the great things that can happen in my life.
My life is filled with love and happiness.
I am grateful for all that I have in life.
I bring my positivity into every situation.
My positive attitude is a beacon of light that all are attracted to.
I am centered and grounded.
I am at peace with where I am and where I am going.

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Root Chakra Affirmations for Money and Security

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