Heart Chakra Affirmations to Attract More Love

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Today’s post features heart chakra affirmations for more love in your life. I’ve also created a heart chakra affirmations video as well, so watch that first. The heart chakra is the fourth chakra and represented by the color green. It is also called the Anahata. It is located in the chest area near the heart.

The heart chakra is associated with love, relationships, warmth, compassion, joy, healing, and the appreciation of beauty. It is also aligned with the generosity and kindness you show to others. In addition, it also serves as the link between your earthly and spiritual leanings as well as the bond between all living things.

Our heart chakra affirmations today were created to help your life flow with a maximum amount of love, compassion, joy, and beauty. You’ll be encouraged to enter into relationships with an open heart looking to spread love and compassion. You’ll also be prompted to look at, appreciate, and enjoy, all the beauty in your life.

Heart Chakra Affirmations Video to Attract More Love

Heart Chakra Affirmations

My heart chakra is open and flowing with love energy.
All of my chakras are open and flowing with a powerful spiritual energy.
I visualize every molecule of my being glowing with a warm loving energy.
My aura radiates a powerful love energy that all are attracted to.
I visualize my aura positively affecting all those around me.
I am a being infused with and surrounded by incredible love energy.
Others can sense my powerful love energy and are magnetically drawn to me.

I bring an attractive sense of humor into all of my relationships.
I am friendly and outgoing and genuinely enjoy the company of other people.
Others are drawn to my loving joyful spirit and want to be around me.
I have a joyful charismatic personality that all are attracted to.
I look for the beauty in all people and all things.
My ability to see the good in everyone brings joy to me and them.
I am a compassionate and loving soul.
I am easy to get along with.

Heart Chakra Love Energy Beam

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My heart chakra flows with a warm loving energy.
My positive loving attitude softens all those around me.
I am able to beam love energy to anyone I want no matter the distance.
My powerful love energy can bring joy and healing to others.
The love energy that flows through me heals me and those around me.
I am grateful for all the good things and people in my life.
I recognize the beauty around me.

My life is a gift meant to be shared with others.
I enjoy sharing my kindness and love with all those in my life.
I constantly channel the unlimited power of the universe.
During conversation I mentally focus on showering the other person with the energy of kindness and love.
I know that doing this can deepen my connection with the other person.

I am a being of supreme spiritual power.
All are relaxed and at ease when I am around.
All are magnetically attracted to me.
I am an open conduit of love transforming the lives of all those around me.
I am on planet earth to make a difference and I will.
Everyone can sense my incredible spiritual power.
Everyone is positively affected by my presence.
I am an immortal being spreading love and light wherever I go.
Others bask in the spiritual warmth of my presence.
Others love to be around me.

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