Wealth Consciousness Booster – 7 Tips

Today’s Post Wealth Consciousness Booster gives you 7 tips you can use to do just that. Sprinkled in the 7 tips we’ll have videos, a virtual money vision board that you can download, links to some of our powerful posts, and a link to get your free law of abundance check. In addition, at the end of the article you can download a free Wealth Consciousness PDF that you can use whenever you want.

I’ll briefly list the 7 tips to increase you wealth consciousness below and then go over them individually in more depth.

List of 7 Wealth Consciousness Tips

  1. Feel Worthy and Deserving
  2. Develop a Money Mindset
  3. Use Wealth and Money Vision Boards
  4. Load Your Wallet
  5. Act as If – Up Your Game
  6. Make a Plan
  7. Take Action

Wealth Consciousness Tip #1 – Feel Worthy and Deserving

First, know what wealth means for you. Is it a lot of money, possessions, material goods? Or is it free time, lots of friends, and the freedom to do what you want to do? Or is it some combination of all of the above? Whatever it is know that you are worthy and deserving of having this wealth.

Know and feel at your core that you are an immortal child of the universe and that the universe has an unlimited supply of wealth. Then think about all the good you can do for yourself, your family, your friends and the world when you tap into that unlimited supply. Others are tapping that unlimited source of abundance right now. Why not you?

To help bolster your feelings of worthiness check out two powerful posts here at Wealthvibes that will help you:

Affirmations of Worthiness
50 Self-Worth Affirmations

Both of those posts have powerful affirmation videos that can help you feel great about yourself as well!

Wealth Consciousness Tip #2 – Develop a Money Mindset

This one is simple. Saturate your mind with thoughts of wealth. Read and learn all you can about different ways to make money. Recite and watch money and wealth affirmation videos. The Law of Attraction sums it up nicely: “Whatever you focus on is what you’ll attract to you.” In that regard, banish all thoughts of lack and poverty. Get laser-focused on what you want. Discard thoughts of what you don’t have.

The more you flood your mind with ways to make money and thoughts of abundance the more money and abundance you’ll attract to you. As you learn more you’ll also see and be able to take advantage of money-making opportunities that present themselves. Get aligned with that wealth vibration of the universe and bring your own knowledge to help increase your chances of attracting wealth.

To help you get going right now we have a Wealth Affirmations video you can watch.

Powerful Wealth Affirmations with Subliminal Millionaire Affirmations

More Money Affirmation Posts and Videos:

Here are a just a few more of the many money affirmation posts we have at Wealthvibes. Most of these have videos. If you really want to flood your mind with thoughts of abundance and wealth look no further.

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And, if you really want to give yourself the ultimate mindset boost check out our Magical Mind Formula Series of 1 Hour Affirmation Audio Sets. Currently over 20 different sets at a smoking low price.

Network with Those Who are Already Wealthy

One thing that will help you to develop a money mindset is to start networking on a regular basis with those who are already wealthy or are taking actions to get there. The more you start to hang around the folks who are already successful in your business the more you’ll see what it takes to get there. And, once you do that you are naturally going to have that increased money mindset or wealth consciousness.

Don’t know where to get started? Join a meetup of like-minded entrepreneurs. Offer to take someone successful to lunch. Give something of value to someone more successful in exchange for advice. Intern for a company you want to work for. There are lots of different angles you can take to network with the super successful.

Wealth Consciousness Tip #3 – Use Wealth and Money Vision Boards

Wealth consciousness digital or virtual vision board
Save this Money Vision Board to Your Device and Use Often for Wealth Consciousness Reinforcement

The virtual vision board above is a great image that you can use as a reminder to keep building your wealth every day. Just save the image to your device and then look at it once a day. You can also save all of our digital vision boards and give them all a quick look on a daily basis for positive reinforcement.

We have a number of different virtual or digital vision boards you can use for any purpose. We have digital dream or vision boards for multiple desires including more success, abundance, love, weight loss, fitness, spiritual money and more. You can access or virtual vision boards via these links.

Virtual Vision Board Examples: Money, Love, Spiritual
Virtual Weight Loss, Success, and Fitness Vision Boards

Tip #4 – Load Your Wallet

Want to feel like you’re wealthy? Load your wallet with an excess of cash. Think about carrying around an extra $100 bill or a couple if you want. Just having a loaded wallet will increase your wealth consciousness. Not only will you know you can handle any short-term emergencies but you’ll just always feel flush.

Now, don’t flash this money around or take it with you in bad areas. Also, do exchange the bill or bills for fresh ones every now and then. I use to carry several 50’s in the back of my wallet for this but never really looked at them. One day I was cleaning my wallet, found those bills and they looked like they were ready to fall apart. So keep stocked, locked and loaded and make ’em fresh!

Put a Free Law of Abundance Check or New Moon Check in Your Wallet

jackpot 777 blank abundance cheque

Here is another manifestation tool we have for you. I’ve created a full line of manifestation or law of abundance checks. They are also called New Moon checks. Some folks have reported amazing success with these. The Jackpot check above is one example of the abundance cheques. We have over 20 different ones to choose from. All free.

Just grab one of our free printable law of abundance checks and write down an amount you would like to manifest. Put the check in your wallet and keep doing the positive things that you do. It will feel like a lottery ticket that never expires. You’re just waiting for the universe (and you’re own smart work) to help you manifest the amount you’ve written down.

Click the following link to get your free new moon or abundance checks: Printable Law of Abundance Checks

Wealth Consciousness Tip #5 – Act as If or Up Your Game

Act as if or Up your game. Here you want to start feeling and believing that you are getting richer and building wealth every day. One way you can do this is by dressing a bit better, accessorizing a little fancier, etc. Whatever you can do on the cheap that is going to have you start feeling and acting like you are on the road to wealth will be helpful.

You’ll want to start doing this without spending a lot of money – especially in the beginning. For instance, if you wear a watch, treat yourself to a fancier watch. There are a lot of places where you can find deals on luxury items. Do things that will start making you feel wealthier. Maybe upgrade to a fancier vehicle. Like I said, don’t go crazy, just start gradually displaying a little more wealth. This is for the benefit of your own mindset and consciousness alone. It is not to be used as a display to impress others.

Frankly, if you are like me and don’t care about any of that stuff or what other people think, then by all means forego it. I’m still driving a 20 year old car and could care less. However, many folks report that when they do this it keeps pushing them to increase their income and achieve their goals. So, do what works for you. Try this and out and see if it works for you. This isn’t to keep up with the Joneses. This is to improve yourself mentally. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about doing this just to see if I can up my own game. If I do, I’ll report the results!

Tips #6 – Make a Wealth Plan

This is essential. Create a wealth plan that will be your guide to how you want to start building wealth. This may include things like setting up an automatic investment plan where you invest a certain amount of money a month into the same stock, etf, or mutual fund.

You could also have a plan to buy investment property. If that is the case you would then set aside a certain amount of money every month for the down payment while at the same time scouring properties for sale to get an idea about prices. Look at your local mls, zillow.com, realtor.com, trulia.com, redfin.com, etc.

If you have time be sure to check out our post, 22 Wealth Tips for Living a Better Life. It is stocked with a variety of ways for you to increase your wealth. Also, look at our post How to Manifest Money and Get Some Big Wins. Great stuff on using manifestation techniques as well as doing things that can help you geometrically increase your income.

Increase Income Decrease Expenses

Another thing you can do to increase you wealth is to minimalize your possessions and expenditures. Couple this with increasing your income via raises, investments, or side-hustles, and you’ll start seeing a firm, tangible boost to your wealth.

Just having a solid plan in place is going to boost your wealth consciousness. You’ll know you are on the path to financial freedom and wealth. This will give you increased confidence to go after what you want. Once you set up the plan you then must take massive action toward making it happen. Which brings us to tip #7 – Take Action.

Tips #7 to Increase Your Wealth Consciousness – Take Action

The more action you take toward building your wealth the more your wealth consciousness will increase. You’ll feel great about the wealth plan you have developed and the path you’re on. You’ll also get excited about all sorts of different investment opportunities. This in turn will cause you to take even more positive action in the direction you want to go.

Soon, you’ll be on an endless positive feedback loop that just gets better and better. Your wealth will increase, your wealth consciousness will build, your confidence will grow, and you’ll see and take advantage of more and more money opportunities. This will only feed the positive cycle which will take you to a state of abundance – physically as well as consciously.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post Wealth Consciousness Booster. If you have any tips of your own please let us know in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you!

Wealth Consciousness PDF for Free

Wealth Consciousness Booster Free PDF

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