100 Good Shifting Affirmations – A List for a Higher State

reality shifting affirmations for a more positive state of mind
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Today we feature 100 Good Shifting Affirmations – A List for a Higher State. You can use these shifting affirmations to train your mind to operate from a higher state of consciousness. Doing this will allow you to operate your life at a higher level of awareness and state of mind. If you are interested in shifting your reality to a better one these affirmations are ideal. I’ve also created a video with these 100 reality shifting affirmations that you can watch as well.

By using these affirmations, you can train yourself to bring the infinite power of the universe into your everyday life. What this will hopefully do is to help you to react to all external situations and circumstances from a higher loving spiritual state. The more you read and listen to these shifting affirmations the more you can shift into that higher spiritual state as the need arises.

Facing crises, large or small, you may feel yourself starting to embrace thoughts you don’t want to harbor. If so, simply shift your focus into that higher, more positive, more enlightened spiritual state. A state where you can bring more light and love into the situation. You can also ask yourself empowering questions like, “What can I learn from what is happening?” “What is my best response to what is happening?” “How can I be the bringer of light into this situation?”

Shifting States Via Dimensional Shifts or Quantum Jumping

In my post on the Two Cup Manifestation Method I discuss the concept of dimensional shifting, reality shifting, or quantum jumping in relation to that particular technique. It is the process of altering your state to step into a better state. Some even speculate that you can actually step into an alternate dimension. Whether that is in fact a real alternate dimension or just an interior altered state doesn’t matter.

For our purposes here it is immaterial. We just want to shift our reality into a more positive powerful higher level state of being right here and now, regardless of what it takes to get there. Definitely read the post above when you get a chance. On it we have two videos that can help you shift as well: A quantum jumping video and a Super You video.

Meditate to Facilitate Shifting Your Reality

The more you meditate the more you’ll find it easier to access and draw that unlimited power when you are faced with situations that begin to impact your mood or state of mind. The more you meditate the more you’ll be aware that, although you can’t control external events, you can control your reaction to them. And that is the key to shifting your state, or present reality, to one that can be of the most benefit to you and those around you.

Below, you’ll find the list of 100 reality shifting affirmations to help you embrace that higher state of consciousness that keep you operating at an exalted level of awareness and being. The more you operate from this state of mind the less you’ll find your moods and emotions whipsawed by the vicissitudes of life. You’ll be able to bring more and more positivity to any situation.

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100 Shifting Affirmations Video

100 Shifting Affirmations

I am in control and in charge of my state of mind.
I have the power to change my state of mind in an instant should I choose.
No matter what is occurring in my life I can shift my focus to a higher state.
I focus on the positive now and going forward.
I bring that positivity into all interactions, positively affecting all those around me.
My ideal state is one of peace and power and I carry that with me.
I bring my mind and body into spiritual alignment with my immortal soul.
Others sense my power and want to be around me.

No matter the situation I can control my state.
I have the power to choose how I feel about whatever situation occurs.
I am calm and centered and in total control of my emotional state.
What is the lesson I am learning from my current situation?
What would my higher self do in the current situation?
I can easily shift into the best state for me.
I am shifting into my best state now.

My mind is focused and sharp.
I draw om the infinite power of the universe to make decisions in my life.
Shifting states is easy for me.
I operate from a higher state of mind.
My aura resonates with a higher spiritual power.
All are attracted to me.
Others look to me for advice.
Others want to be around me.

Bring Your Higher State into Every Life Situation

My inner spirit shapes my decisions in life.
I am one with the universe.
I am surrounded by love and light.
Others sense my power and are drawn to it.
Others marvel at my high level of positive energy.
I constantly flow with a higher spiritual power.
I consistently operate from a higher state of consciousness.
My emotional state of being is under my control.
I can easily shift my consciousness into a higher state at any time.
I know I am in charge of my state.

My life is a work of art that I am creating.
I am the artist of my life, creating a masterpiece.
My state of mind is constantly improving.
I also strive to consistently improve all areas of my life.
I strive to bring abundance to myself and others.
The joyful bliss of universal light flows through me.
I continuously conduct my affairs from a place of universal power.
I ask myself “how would my higher self act in this situation?” and I act that way.

The light of universal love flows freely through me.
I am a beacon of love attracting all to me.
My aura shines bright with universal light.
My goals in life push me forward.
I work on constantly creating the best version of myself.
I am shifting into the best version of myself now.
Shifting states is easy for me.

Know that You Can Shift Your Reality at Will – Shifting Affirmations

I radiate an immense spiritual energy that all are attracted to.
I am shifting into the best version of myself across all dimensions.
In every moment I have the power to choose how I act and feel.
I am constantly filled up and flowing with high energy.
I bring my high level of positivity into every situation.
My mind is sharp and aware and operates from a place of infinite power.
I seek to maintain a high level of consciousness at all times.

I can recognize when I need to shift states and can easily do so.
Shifting states is easy for me.
I can shift into my best state in any situation.
I can shift into a higher state at any time.
Universal power flows freely through me.
I am an immortal being of infinite power.
I can take on all the best qualities of my higher self.

Others sense my power and are captivated by it.
Everyone wants to be around me.
I am the captain of my ship.
I am the leader of my life.
It is easy for me to adapt to any situation or circumstance.
I can shift gears and states when needed.

Meditate to Make Shifting Your State of Mind Easier

The more I meditate, the easier it is for me to open myself to higher states of consciousness.
I make it a habit to meditate more.
I make it a habit to listen more.
Sometimes I just need to turn off the noise and enjoy the stillness.

My life can be what I make it.
My life can be a grand adventure.
There are no limits to what I can do or accomplish.
There are no limits to who I can become.
My life is under my control.
My choices are mine.
I am the master of my life.

My reactions are controlled by me.
My state of mind is controlled by me.
I am in charge of how I feel.
I am in charge of what I say and do and how I act.
If needed, I can stop, center myself, and shift my reality at will.
I constantly operate from a place of power.

Reality Shifting Affirmations – Others Will Marvel at Your Inner Strength and Steel

My mind is a fortress.
I am able to easily draw on the unlimited supply of infinite universal power.
Others marvel at my inner strength.
All are amazed at my inner steel.

I am the one that can adapt to all situations.
I am the one that can help others adapt.
Others look to me for comfort in crisis.
I can offer those in need a sympathetic ear and loving support.
I am a master of higher consciousness.

Others are always amazed at my consistent positivity.
I am strong from the inside out.
I am in control and in charge.
My life is mine to mold as I please.
All events and situations are learning opportunities.
I bring my higher state of consciousness into every situation always seeking to learn and grow.
External situations come and go.
How I react to them is completely under my control.
I am shifting now to my highest spiritual state.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post featuring 100 Shifting Affirmations to put you in a higher state of mind. If you did let us know in the comments section below and please consider sharing to your social media. It is much appreciated – thank you! Also, I would highly recommend our Crown Chakra Affirmations for Higher Consciousness if you are looking to maintain that lofty state of mind and carry it with you wherever you go.

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