Love Mantra to Attract a Specific Person

Today we have a love mantra to attract a specific person. I’ve put the love mantra into a video as well. When you watch the video or recite the mantra just visualize that specific person as you do so.

This mantra to attract a specific person will have you visualizing yourself sending spiritual energy to the object of your affection. You’ll imagine yourself merging your powerful spiritual energy with their own.

This love mantra can be used to help you attract someone you’ve already met and even someone you haven’t met yet. Once you start using this mantra you might find that person becoming more aware of you or showing more interest in you. In the mantra you’ll also be encouraged to take action to actually get together with that specific person. Because, regardless of what happens, either you or the other person will, at some point, have to take the initiative to get together.

Once you start spending some time together you’ll have to ascertain if there is a mutual interest. If there isn’t, there is no point in expending your mental or spiritual energy any further. At that point you must move on and find someone who shares your interest. If there is a mutual interest, you can keep doing this mantra with that in person in mind. This will strengthen the bond, or tether, between the two of you.

And, all the while that you are searching for that someone special you should be working on yourself to become the best person you can possibly be. The better and more interesting you become, the better and more interesting of a person you’ll attract. Use this powerful mantra to help you attract anyone.

Attract a Specific Person Mantra Video

Mantra to Attract a Specific Person

I focus my attention on the one I desire.
I send my energy to fan the fire.
From my heart my power flows, and wraps that person like comfortable clothes.
I see our energies come together.
With both our hearts light as a feather.

I visualize what just might be, while still knowing we both are free.
I’ll take the actions to bring us together.
To see if we can bind this tether.

I surround that person with love and light, and picture us together on a starry night.
I see us both living as one, sharing our life and having some fun.
If this person is meant for me, I have no doubt it will come to be.
If it’s not, I’ll still fly free, attracting a soul destined for me.

Visualization Meditation to Attract Someone Specific

In addition to the mantra and video above you can also do a visualization meditation to help attract that specific someone. Doing this energy sending will be strengthening the spiritual bond between both of you. I would encourage you to find out the relationship status of that someone before you do this. If they are single and ready to mingle you could then greenlight this type of meditation. Otherwise, respect the fact that they are with someone, and save this meditation for someone else.

Just visualize loving energy flowing from your heart chakra and see it intertwining with loving energy from that special someone’s heart center. You can focus and concentrate on sending that spiritual energy for as long as is comfortable. You can mentally send out the message that you are open to sending and receiving positive energy with this person if their soul is willing. The purpose here is to send good positive energy to this person.

Alternatively you can visualize a beam of bright white glowing energy flowing down and bathing this person in positivity. I’ll sometimes do this for family and friends who may be experiencing some illness or emotional distress.

Law of Abundance Check to Attract Someone Special

infinity abundance check new moon

Besides the powerful love mantra you can also use a Law of Abundance check to attract that someone special. Click that link and you’ll go to our Law of Abundance checks post where you can download any law of abundance or new moon check that you want to. After you pick out the style of check you want you can put the initials of the person you want to attract in the memo section of the check. Write “Attract initials” if you want. Just carry it around in your wallet and see what happens. You may want to use the “infinity check” as pictured above to help remind you of the infinity loop positive energy exchange. You can also use the abundance check specifically designed to attract love. An example is below.

love abundance new moon check

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