Powerful Alpha Male Affirmations

Today’s post features some very powerful Alpha Male Affirmations. In fact, you’ll find well over 100 of these positive affirmations to help you find more love. We also have a video with a double layer, or two different sets of overlapping alpha affirmations. That second layer of alpha affirmations is only in the video so be sure to watch it. In addition, we have a free Alpha Male Affirmations pdf for you. And, finally we have a free bonus download of 10 Alpha Male Secrets. Download the alpha male pdfs and read them whenever you desire.

Gentlemen, if you are looking to increase your confidence with the ladies then give these affirmations a go. They are also good in a general sense in that you’ll be encouraged to workout, improve your appearance, become fearless, and overall up your game – and not just your “game game” but life in general. The affirmations will also propel you to be confident in approaches, conversations, and interactions.

The alpha affirmations you’ll find here today incorporate some of the concepts you’ll find in the pick-up or game community. But, they also lean heavily on just becoming a better person. You’ll see this approach in some of the online game proponents. For instance, some in those communities are real proponents of using meditation, eating healthier, working out, staying away from alcohol and the like.

This is just good advice for whatever you are looking to do. Especially if you want to meet someone. Why not be the best person you can be? This will increase your confidence and you’ll bring more to the table if you do enter into a relationship with someone. As a result, you’ll find many of the alpha male affirmations contained within promoting those positive things.

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Alpha Male Affirmations for Confidence Video

If you enjoyed this alpha male affirmations video we have a longer 4 hour version on youtube here:

4 Hours Alpha Male Affirmations with Semi Subliminals Ideal for Sleeping

or check out the 1 Hour version with music here:

1 Hour Alpha Affirmations with Music

Also on youtube you can check out our Irresistible Attraction video. Great for becoming an attraction magnet.

Alpha Male Affirmations Free PDF

Alpha Male Affirmations pdf free download

Before we get to the actual affirmations in written form be sure to grab your free Alpha Male Affirmations PDF below. It is loaded with over 100 of these love-attracting affirmations. I’ve included some great images to spice it up a bit. When you click the link below you’ll be taken to our download page on Mediafire. Just find the download button (usually in the upper right corner), click that and you can download the file to your device. Enjoy!

Free Download Alpha Male Affirmations PDF

10 Alpha Male Secrets PDF Free Bonus Download

10 Alpha Male Secrets

The Alpha Male Secrets PDF is available on our download page on Mediafire. The link below will open in a separate window and take you to mediafire. Once there you should find the download button in the upper right corner.

Download the 10 Alpha Male Secrets Free PDF

Alpha Male Affirmations

I flow with confidence inside and out.
I flow with an unbridled enthusiasm for life.
I have an incredible belief in myself.
I meditate to become more relaxed.
I meditate to become centered and grounded.
My mind is constantly becoming stronger.
I workout regularly to boost my body and my confidence.
I eat healthy to stay fit.
I take care of myself.

I have a positive outlook on life.
I am friendly and outgoing.
Everybody loves to be around me.
I am strong in my beliefs.
I am confident and funny.
I study game.
I work on techniques.
I am passionate.

I don’t hesitate in going after what I want.
If I see a woman I would like to meet I immediately go up to her.
I don’t hesitate.
I don’t overthink.
I just act.
I am an action taker.
I love approaching and meeting women.

Alpha Male Affirmations for Approach Confidence

alpha male affirmations believe in yourself

Every time I approach, it is a win, no matter the outcome.
With every approach I learn something.
With every approach I vow to get better.
Every time I approach I become more confident.
With every conversation I become more confident.
I make every interaction fun for both parties.
I am becoming utterly fearless.
I am brave and relentless.

My confidence grows every day.
I am a force of one.
Women are attracted to my powerful presence.
I have a magnetic aura.
I am an approach machine.
I am a number collector.
Women love to give me their number.
Getting numbers is easy.
Exchanging info is easy.
Taking it to the next level is easy.

I am a powerhouse of action.
I like to take the lead.
I am a natural born leader.
I am a confident force of nature.
I am funny and cocky.
I am sure of myself in all situations.
My frame is unbreakable.
I am the prize.

The Alpha is in Control and in Charge

I love challenges.
I am calm and cool in any situation.
I am rock steady.
I don’t get rattled.
I am in control.
I am in charge.
Nothing fazes me.
I am rock solid.
I am smooth in all situations.

I can escalate quickly.
I am a master at escalating.
I am smooth and bold.
I am a fearless operator.
My game is a thing of beauty.

I fear nothing.
I fear no one.
I am the one.
I am the master.
I am the prize.
I am the alpha.
I am the king of the jungle.
I am the man.

The Alpha is Bold and Takes Their Shots

Fortune favors the bold.
I am bold.
I am fortunate.
I will take my shots and be glad I did.
I will ask and I will receive.
I treat every interaction like a fun learning experiment.
How can this interaction amuse me?
How can I make it enjoyable for all parties involved?
How can I bring value while keeping it light and fun?

I carry myself like the prize that I am.
I am mysterious and attractive.
I am playful and fun.
I love to push my boundaries.
I love to attempt the impossible.
I am a go-getter in life.

I love to take chances.
I am filled with power.
I am exciting to be around.
I am the alpha.
I am the king of the jungle.
I am the one.

More Alpha Male Affirmations – Maintain Your Frame

My frame is unbreakable.
My power is palpable.
There are no limits to what I can do.
My mind is a fortress.
My charisma is off the charts.
I carry myself like the prize that I am.
My gaze is captivating.
My eyes shine with an electric undercurrent.
My entire body flows with a primeval power.

I am a sensual beast.
I have incredible sex-appeal.
I am the alpha.
I am the king.
An aura of incredible power flows from me.
All are attracted to me.
I am a being of immense strength.

I am charged up and brimming with energy.
My body rocks with enthusiasm.
My eyes flow with magnetic power.
My gaze is hypnotic.
I believe in myself.
I am friendly and outgoing.
I make friends easily.

Improve Your Interactions

Engaging in conversation is easy for me.
Escalating to a more sexual level is natural for me.
I am a natural with the opposite sex.
I am brave and bold and full of fun.
I am confident and playful.
I am constantly improving my game.

I am constantly getting better at all aspects of relationships.
My game is good and getting better.
The more I approach the better I get.
Approaches are fun.
Approaches amuse me.
I am an approach machine.
Every approach is a win, regardless of the outcome.
I love to lock eyes with the girls I approach.
My gaze is mesmerizing.

I am getting braver and bolder every day.
I constantly work on myself to become the best version of myself.
I improve all aspects of my life.
I work on making more money.
I work on improving my appearance.
I work on increasing my intellect.
I work on increasing my wisdom.
I shine with power from the inside out.

Carry Yourself with Confidence

Everyone is attracted to my powerful presence.
I carry myself like the king of the jungle.
I walk with confidence.
I talk with confidence.
I value my opinion.
I love to express myself.

I am able to disagree without being disagreeable.
I am confident and firm.
I enjoy being a bit of a trickster.
I have a twinkle in my eye and fun in my heart.
People love to be around me.
I flow with charisma.
I flow with power.

Alpha Affirmations – Be a Force of Nature – Be a Winner

I exude an aura of unshakeable confidence.
I am a force of nature.
I am a wild card.
People want to know who I am.
I am a winner.
I am a dynamo of energy.
I am a person of power.
I am the alpha.
I am the king of the jungle.
There is no holding me back.

I am cheerful, playful, and fun.
I laugh often and have a great sense of humor.
I shine with energy and enthusiasm.
All are captivated by my engaging personality.
Women are magnetically attracted to me.
I have an infectious enthusiasm for life.
I am an action taker.

I flow with super confidence.
I am wicked fun.
I am the man.
I am the alpha.
I am the king of the jungle.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post on Alpha Male Affirmations. If you did please let us know in the comments below and give a shoutout to your social media friends. It would be much appreciated – thank you! And, don’t forget to grab your free Alpha Male Affirmations PDF above. It is filled with alpha male affirmations and some great motivating images to get you attracting more love in your life.

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