Family Affirmations for Positive Healthy Relationships

Greetings friend, today we feature family affirmations that you can do daily to maintain positive healthy relationships.

Our families can be our greatest source of comfort and love in life. But, in order for that to happen we have to make the effort to keep in contact and show our love and support. All too often family members let that contact slide for far too long in our busy society.

If you do these family affirmations daily, they can help you strengthen that family bond. One of the ways they do that is by putting the onus or burden on you to get that contact going if it’s been awhile and to keep it going.

I know you’re thinking it has to be a two-way street, especially if you’ve been out of contact for awhile. But, you are in the family you are in for a reason. There are lessons that need to be learned on both sides.

Why not take it upon yourself to start throwing and showing love to every family member you have? The more of that you do the better you’ll feel knowing you made the effort. And, in addition, it is also more likely that you’ll get more and more love back from your family as well.

With that in mind, I give you a list of Family Affirmations that you can do daily to help give you strong healthy positive relationships with your family members.

Family Affirmations


I stick with family through thick or thin.
There is a reason I have the family that I have.
I show my family love and kindness as often I can.
I strive to stay in close contact with my relatives.
Family relationships bring me great joy.
Family relationships are extremely important to me.
I cultivate as many loving family relationships as I can.

I keep connected with my family using whatever means possible.
My family is my bedrock.
My family includes all family – blood or otherwise.
I take responsibility for everything that happens in my life.
I take it upon myself to stay in loving contact with my family.
Every family relationship gets my full attention.
My family deserves my love and my time.

I quickly seek to smooth out any family tensions.
I seek peace and harmony and love in all my family relationships.
Family is where I go for warmth and comfort.
Family is where I go for support and love.
I offer unlimited support and love for my family.
I do whatever I can to help my family.
Family get-togethers are important to me.

Always Be There for Your Family


I take it upon myself to keep the family bonds strong and healthy.
I don’t let family relationships slide.
It is up to me to maintain family contact.
If one of my family relationships is suffering I take it upon myself to repair it.
I continually do what I can to show my family I love them.
For me, disagreements are temporary, but family is forever.
I am always there for my family.

The more I am there for my family the more they are there for me.
I make it a point to keep all my family relationships in a healthy loving state.
My family can rely on me to help them.
I don’t harbor grudges when it comes to my family.
I seek to put myself in the shoes of other family members.
My family deserves my love and support and I give it to them.
My family is a treasure that I will keep safe.

More Family Affirmations from Around the Web

This is a nice reminder from Daniel Oliech. “I maintain peace and calm when speaking to members of my family.”

“I am patient. I listen to my family with love. I am a great family member.” That one was created by me based on some of those created by Kat at StrivingMamas.

Hope you enjoyed these family affirmations and that you get some great use out of them. If you did or if you have any of your own family affirmations you would like to share please let us know in the comment section below this article. And, if you want to strengthen the friendships you have in your life and even add to them please check out our 44 Friendship Affirmations article.

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Thank you and have a splendid day!

Bob K.

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