Affirmations for Finances to Push You to Financial Freedom

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Today’s post features positive affirmations for finances. I’ve created a video with these affirmations as well. The goal here is to help you train your mind to do the things that will get you to a point of financial freedom as soon as possible.

With that goal in mind, you’ll want to create a budget for yourself so you know exactly how much you earn and how much you spend. Once you’ve tracked the items in your budget for a month or two you should be able to pinpoint the areas that need work.

The key to getting on the road to financial freedom is to find ways to cut your expenses while increasing your income. The more you can do of both the faster you’ll get to living a life of your choosing. As a result, some of these affirmations will be focused on doing just that.

Affirmations for Your Finances – Reduce Your Costs on Everything

One thing you can to do to reduce your costs is to systematically go through every cost that you have and find a way to either or eliminate or reduce that cost. We’ll have affirmations to help train your mind to keep doing that and as well as to look for cheaper ways to spend in general.

For most folks the areas that cost the most every month are your housing and your vehicle expenses. If you can find a way to greatly reduce those costs you can free up capital to begin investing.

Ways to reduce housing costs include renting out a room in your apartment or home (house hacking), moving to a less expensive place, or even living in a van (a bit more extreme).

Ways to reduce transportation costs include driving an older vehicle. This can save you money on the cost of the vehicle as well as the insurance paid. If you can actually do without driving a vehicle that will save you even more. That is possible if you live in an area with good public transportation.

Find Discounts and Shave Costs

Those are just the big two. You can also go through your internet services, phone, cable bill, any subscriptions, streaming services, etc. Just to give you an example, my phone recently died. I didn’t like the fact that I was phoneless for a few days so I ended up researching a variety of plans.

When I finished, I had purchased two new very decent phones. Total purchase was $300 so they were reasonable and in reality more than I need. Through research I also discovered that the plan I was on had a cheaper plan available that gave me more data! Now they didn’t go out of their way to tell me but it took me a few minutes to realize that I had been paying extra for the last year or so. I also found a super cheap plan for my backup phone. When all was said and done I now pay the exact same amount with two lines as I did with one line. Deals are everywhere you just have to look for them.

You can set about doing this with every expense you have. I use to call my cable company every year to see what kind of discounts they could give me for the following year. Almost invariably there would be something that could save me some money. And, like I said, you can do this with every expense you have.

Better Your Finances by Boosting Your Income

Maybe the biggest thing you can do to get to financial freedom faster is to find a way to greatly increase your income. If you are like most people and have a steady job, you can find it easy to go with the flow and not think about doing something different. And, hey that is ok especially if you are making great money and are able to set aside a nice chunk every month with which to invest.

However, if you aren’t making as much as you would like, why not research all the possibilities out there – including more lucrative work as well as working side-hustles if you can find them. Give up some of your Netflix time and work on something that will pay you. If you can find a side-hustle that also incorporates doing something you love that would be a win-win.

Affirmations for Finances – Can You Monetize Everything?

In your affirmations for finances I’m going to include affirmations to encourage you to monetize as much as you can in your life. You might even see one encouraging you to “monetize everything.” Now while that might not be totally necessary, or even prudent, it will get you to start thinking of ways you can make more money with things you are already doing.

For example, take the case of those who engage in Mukbang. Mukbang is simply filming yourself eating and sharing that experience while others watch. The trend started in 2000 in South Korea and gained popularity elsewhere in 2015. Popular mukbangers regularly make thousands of dollars every month for eating. For eating. I mean, you’re probably going to eat every day anyway right? So, why not get paid for it? When you get a chance, check out the story of this Dallas Texas mukbanger.

Once you start looking at everything in your life as a way to make more money and to save more money you can start to get excited about doing different things, earning more money and quite possibly becoming financially free in the near future.

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Affirmations for Finances Video

Affirmations for Your Finances

My financial future is under my control.
I am in charge of how I spend my time and how I spend my money.
The only one responsible for where I am and where I go financially is me.
My wealth will be determined by me.
I make a budget and track my spending.
I examine my finances on a regular basis.
My mind hones in and focuses on what I need to do to become financially free.
I will do what I need to do to reach financial freedom.
My mind is becoming a wealth-building machine.

I know how my money comes and goes.
I look for ways to increase my income and stem the outflows.
Opportunities come to those who have the knowledge to take advantage of them.
I will learn all I can about business-building and investing.
Riches accrue to those who take smart action.
I will take smart action to build my wealth.
My mind is becoming a magnet to money.
I see money-making opportunities everywhere.
The possibilities for a rich life are becoming clearer every day.

Your Life and Financial Situation are under Your Control

I look at ways to greatly reduce my expenses.
I look at ways to greatly expand my wealth.
If there is a way to reduce costs I will find it.
If there is a way to increase my income and build my wealth I will find it.
I take action on improving my financial situation every day.
I constantly look for ways to increase my income and decrease my expenses.
My life is under my control.
My financial situation is under my control.
I don’t make excuses, I just get results.
If it is to be it is up to me.

Become a Money Expert and Take Massive Action

I learn about money and become a money expert.
I take massive action on improving my finances.
There is only so much time in every day.
Knowing that, I look for ways to automate and delegate my finances and my life.
I research money-making businesses and consider starting my own business.
I am comfortable taking educated risks.
The more I learn about investing the more opportunities I see.
My life is becoming richer every day.
I look for ways to monetize everything in my life.
I look for ways to go financially viral.

Many people have become rich in real estate.
I look at ways to invest in real estate.
Many people have become rich in the stock market.
I look at ways to invest in the stock market.
Many people have become rich in their own business.
I look at starting my own business.
Many people have become rich buying low and selling high.
I look at ways to buy things low and sell them high.
There are many ways to become rich.
I will find a way.
I will become rich.

Time is Precious – Affirmations for Finances

My goal for financial freedom becomes ingrained in my brain.
I know that the richer I get the more people I can help.
The more I learn the more I understand that financial freedom is achievable.
I am grounded and centered and focused on what I want.
Time is precious and I will not waste it.
I do what I can to add more of everything that I love into my life.
I deserve a life of abundance and wealth.
Today and every day I go after what I want in a major way.

Alright there you have it. Be sure to check out more money-boosting info for you below.

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