Billionaire Affirmations

Today we feature billionaire affirmations with a new “I am a Billionaire Affirmations with Subliminals” video. There are currently over 2,800 billionaires in the world. According to Forbes, the richest man in the world is Jeff Bezos from Amazon followed by Tesla’s Elon Musk. The billionaires who comprise the list made their money in a variety of industries. From finance and investment to real estate, retail, software, and technology they all had one thing in common. They owned their own business and built that business into a juggernaut.

While you might believe becoming a billionaire is totally out of reach it is interesting to note the speed at which some billionaires reached that lofty pinnacle. For instance, 1 year after Jay Walker founded travel company Priceline, it went public and Walker became a billionaire. In fact, MoneyInc. details a list of no fewer than 20 billionaires who got there within 6 years. Included in that list are Evan Spiegel (Snapchat), Jerry Yang (Yahoo), Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), and Jack Dorsey (Twitter).

Why Not You a Billionaire?

With that in mind, why can’t you be the next big billionaire name? People have obviously done it and some have done it quickly. Taking all this into account I have crafted these billionaire affirmations to help you stretch your mind into believing that becoming a billionaire is possible. At the same time I’ve also created them in such a way that your mind will start examining business opportunities in the most lucrative sectors of the economy.

What is the worst that can happen? You don’t become a billionaire. However, just by pushing your mind with these billionaire affirmations you might find that your whole world expands. You will start to expand your belief about what is possible, push yourself to learn more about a variety of businesses and investments, devise ways to automate systems for building wealth, look at the smartest ways to do things and probably start to see a whole wide world of money-making opportunities. In short, just by repeatedly doing these billionaire affirmations you could put yourself in a position to greatly increase your wealth! And, increasing your wealth can provide a myriad of ways to make your life better. And, isn’t that the ultimate goal?

Billionaire Affirmations Video with Subliminals

The billionaire affirmations video below contains two different audio tracks with a music background. Watch it everyday for a month and see if pushes you to start building more wealth. Also, if you want to program your mind while you sleep I’ve uploaded a 2 Hour Billionaire Affirmations video to youtube. Just click that link and a new window will open on youtube to view it.

Billionaire Affirmations

There are several thousand billionaires in the world.
There is always room for one more.
I will study how they got there and apply those lessons in my own life.
I research ways to build massive wealth.
It is possible for anyone to become a billionaire.
I embrace the possibility that I could become a billionaire.
Billionaires became rich in a number of different ways.

Billionaires built mega-wealth in finance, investments, real estate, retail, fashion, software, and more.
At the core billionaires got there by starting their own business.
I look at starting a business in an area that I enjoy and that has billionaire potential.

My goals are lofty.
I shoot for the stars.
I make big plans and go after them.
Big plans require massive action.
I will take massive action in making my big plans a reality.
With smart research and smart systems I can attain my goals.

Billionaire Affirmations – Make a Wealth Plan

I look at building wealth in an area that resonates with me.
I focus in on a specific area and create a wealth plan in this area.
The opportunities for success and mega wealth are endless.
I start taking massive action to build mega-wealth.
There are fifty million millionaires in the world.
I can certainly become one of them.
The fastest leap from business start-up to billionaire was one year.
Several businesses have reached billionaire status in just 5 years.
Anything is possible.
Becoming a billionaire is possible.

My life can be filled with massive wealth.
I visualize what my ideal life looks like.
I make a wealth plan to attain this ideal life.
Massive wealth entails hiring others and outsourcing.
I look at developing systems for business building.
I look at automating and delegating work to speed up my wealth-building.
Learning from those who have built wealth is a great way to take the same path.
I study as much as I can about those who have become rich in the area I am interested in.
I look at finding a mentor who can teach me what they have done.

Networking with successful people is a great way to learn to build wealth.
I look at providing service to those who can help me build massive wealth.
I work to increase my network of super wealthy people.
The smarter I work the quicker I can increase my wealth.
I work on building a super-successfull business.
I work on building a network of uber-wealthy friends.

Billionaires Scale Up

The more great value I can bring to others, the faster I can build my wealth.
I look at getting involved in businesses and areas that can go viral.
The faster I go viral the faster I build my wealth.
I look at ways to go viral and scale up my business.
I am eager to build a business and acquire income-producing assets.
There are many billionaires.
I can be one of them.

My mind is saturated with visions of extreme wealth.
The more wealth I have the more I can help others.
The richer I get the more that other people will benefit.
As my wealth grows I can provide more jobs for others.
As my wealth grows I can help more charities.
The universe wants me to be in a position to help others.
The universe wants me to be rich.
I am excited about becoming rich.
I am excited about doing good in the world.

To become a billionaire I need to make a plan now.
I want to be the best version of myself.
I am excited about growing and learning and helping others.
Massive wealth is mine for the taking.
There is no time to waste.
I need to start getting busy now.
I focus on getting results.
My path to riches starts with taking massive action.
I am excited and enthusiastic about going after my dreams.

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