Manifesting a New Dream Job

Today we feature tips and affirmations to help get you manifesting a new dream job. We also have a video so watch that often to ingrain these job-attracting tips into your subconscious mind.

7 Tips to Manifesting a New Dream Job

These 7 tips to manifest a new dream job are going to be a combination of concrete things you can do along with manifesting techniques you can use. The more of these you can do the better. Also, check out our Manifesting Secrets post. See all the various manifesting methods you can use and then apply those methods to attracting the job of your dreams.

Tip 1: Tell your friends on facebook what type of job you are looking for and then have them forward it to their friends. This can help your request reach many more people.

Tip 2: Join linked-in, create a profile and then start networking with people in the field that you are interested in.

Tip 3: Find people who are already doing the dream job you want to manifest and reach out to them. Ask if you can call them for advice or take them to lunch. You want to establish relationships with as many people in that field as possible.

For instance, years ago I knew a friend of a friend who wanted to work for the airlines. He put in applications but it was getting him nowhere. He decided to go out to the airport everyday and become friends with as many people out there as possible. Because he loved all things to do with airplanes and flying he had been out there numerous times anyway. He considered it a labor of love. Over months he built up a number of friendships and eventually became employed. He believed that all the friends he had out there helped grease the wheels to employment with the airlines.

Tip 4: Research all the qualifications necessary to get the ideal job you want to manifest and then go out and get those qualifications. If you are in a rush to manifest that job see if there is a way around some of the qualifications. Bottom line, though, is that those qualifications may help you do the job better.

What you want to become on paper is the ideal candidate for the job you seek. The more and better qualifications you have the better your chances of attracting the job via the standard route. Ask the people who are hiring what there ideal candidate looks like and then become that ideal candidate.

Tip 5: Use visualization and see yourself doing that job that you want to manifest. Picture what you are doing and where you are living and visualize yourself positively interacting with fellow employees and management.

Tip 6: Try the Two Cup Manifestation Method. Check out that post and then use that method to switch your reality to one in which you have manifested your new dream job.

Tip 7: Grab a free Law of Abundance Check and use it to help manifest your dream job. When you visit that post you’ll be able to download a pdf that has over 20 different law of abundance check designs. Use whichever one resonates with you.

What you want to do is write your dream job on the money line of the check you picked and then sign it “the universe” in the signature line. You can also use any of our Law of Abundance checks to help you manifest your dream job. Again, just write the job you want to manifest on the money line.

And, finally be sure to watch our Manifesting a New Dream Job video below and read the affirmations. The more different things you do to saturate your mind with the thoughts of your dream job the more you’ll consciously and subconsciously do the things that will help you attract that job.

Manifesting Your Dream Job Video

Affirmations for Manifesting a New Dream Job

I visualize myself in my ideal job.
I network with people who are in the same or similar jobs.
The universe is sending my dream job to me now.
I see myself happy and fulfilled in the job of my dreams.
I am attracting my dream job to me now.
My life is getting better and better.
My attitude is great and getting better.
I have incredible confidence and a positive can-do attitude.
I work on increasing my skills.

My mind is focused and sharp.
I work on becoming the ideal candidate for the job that I want.
The universe is sending my ideal job to me now.
I am attracting my ideal job or something better.
The more I improve my skills the better my chance of landing my dream job.
The more I study and learn the better my chance of landing my dream job.
I am always improving my skills.
I am constantly studying and learning.
Others are amazed by my brilliance.
Others want to help me any way that they can.

Network with Successful People

The more I network with successful people the more opportunities I will attract.
I will network with as many successful people as I can.
I will bring as much value as I can to all those I network with.
My mind is creative and inventive.
I am clever.
I think of unique ways to attract my dream job.

My ideal job is getting closer every day.
I am a go-getter in life.
I go after what I want in a big way.
There is no stopping me.

Manifesting Your Dream Job – Take Positive Actions Every Day

Every day I take action towards the life of my dreams.
Every day I take action to help manifest my dream job.
I am in charge of the actions I take.
I am in charge of my life.
The more positive actions I take the more positive outcomes I get.
I take massive action on a daily basis.
I am constantly getting better and achieving more.
My attitude is always positive.
I look at the positive side of all things.

I am going after my dream life in a big way.
Others marvel at my ability to get things done.
I don’t sit back.
I go after what I want.
The more I do to attract my dream job the closer it gets.
I make things happen on a daily basis.

My dream job is coming my way now.
I will soon have the job of my dreams or something better.
I am super confident and believe in myself.
People are attracted to me and want to help me in any way that they can.
People want to do good things for me.
I am always doing good things for others and they return the favor.
I am charismatic and outgoing.
All are attracted to me.
People believe in me.
People think I am incredible.

Become a Success-Magnet

I am becoming more and more successful every day.
I am a success-magnet.
My life is an example that others want to emulate.
People want to be around me.
People want to be associated with me.

I am a winner in the game of life.
The more success I have the more success I attract.
I easily network with powerful and successful people.
I am one of them.
Every day I take action to get what I want.

My mind is powerful.
My mind is focused on achieving what I want.
I will get what I am going after.
I am going after my dream job.
My dream job or something better is coming my way.
The universe knows what I want and will help me make it happen.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post on Manifesting a New Dream Job. Please let us know if you’ve been able to manifest a new job in your life and how you did it. Also, you might want to check out our Attract Money Quick 1 Minute Compilation video – 5 one minute videos in one.

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