Can You Manifest More than One Thing at a Time?

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Can you manifest more than one thing at a time? Of course you can. In the spiritual sense we live in an infinite, abundant universe. There are no limitations to what you can attempt to create or manifest for yourself. Feel free to test the limits of what is possible and get to manifesting anything and everything you desire.

For instance, maybe you want to try and manifest a new dream job while at the same time trying to manifest money quickly along with looking for more love in your life. Or maybe you even want to attract a specific person into your life. There are a variety of manifesting methods you can use as well as ways to get there. You can even try multiple manifestation methods to help manifest the same thing. Don’t limit yourself or the universe.

To get started check out our Manifesting post which gives a rundown of all the different techniques you can use to manifest what you want along with various free tools and videos we have created to help you get there. To sum up, you can certainly try to manifest more than one thing at a time.

Manifestation List

One thing I would suggest is that you make a list of everything you want to manifest. Once your list is completed then just pick a method of manifestation you would like to use to help you get there for each item listed. You can use the same method for each item, or just pick and choose various manifesting methods for every item. For example I created a sample list below of things to manifest along with some of the techniques and tools you might want to use to get there. But don’t let this list limit you. Think up anything you want to manifest and then use a technique to make it happen!

Manifest a Specific Person

For this you might use our Love Mantra to Attract a Specific Person, or Love Affirmations for Attracting a Specific Person. Or use simple visualization to focus on the person you want to attract. Visualize that person coming into your life. See our love affirmations post for further info.

Manifest More Love in Your Life

Maybe you want more love in your life, in whatever form. You could try our Heart Chakra Affirmations to Attract More Love. Also, be sure to see our post, Affirmations for Love, Romance, and Soulmate Attraction. There you’ll find some great affirmations, a quick video, and a love vision board. Or maybe you want a quick 1 minute video filled with 1,000 love affirmations. This one will saturate your subconscious mind with thoughts of attracting more love into your life.

We also have a 33×3 Manifest Love “done for you” video. Just watch that video once a day for 3 days to manifest more love in your life. And, if you are looking to get your ex-back try our Get Your Ex-Back Affirmations post that also has a powerful video. If you are a guy looking to up your game check out our Alpha Male Affirmations post complete with a free pdf and video.

Manifest a New Job

We have a couple of different affirmations videos you can use to help you manifest the job of your dreams. For instance: Manifesting a New Dream Job

Manifest More Money

Lots of different ways to manifest more money with some great tools. Check out our free Law of Abundance checks, virtual vision boards, manifesting money affirmation videos, the 3×33 manifesting videos, as well as the variety of different money-magnetizing affirmation videos we’ve created.

For a sample of some of our money-attracting posts, see:

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Manifest More Abundance Overall in Your Life

You can pick and choose from the variety of methods above or check out our more specific post with video entitled, Manifest Abundance with Free Law of Attraction Tools. In that post I’ve created a 33×3 manifesting method “done for you” video designed to help you attract more abundance into your life. You just watch it once a day for 3 days!

Manifest a New Home

For this you can create your own vision board with images of the type of home you want to attract. If you haven’t seen John Assaraf’s amazing story yet check out our post Manifestation Secrets and Techniques and scroll down a bit to watch the video. Or, use one of our Law of Abundance checks and write down new home on it. You can use these checks to try and manifest anything you want.

I’ve also created a post and video Manifesting Your Dream Home filled with techniques and affirmations to help you manifest the house or home that you want.

Manifest a New Vehicle

One of the techniques you’ll find in that Manifestation Secrets post above is called Manifestation Scripting. You simply write down whatever you want to manifest and then along with that you could use the 33×3 method. So, if you wanted to manifest a new vehicle you would write down what kind of vehicle you would want to manifest as a simple affirmation. Say, “I want to manifest a reliable van.” You would then write that 33 times a day for 3 days. At that point you turn your request over to the universe to fulfill.

Manifest a New Better You – a Super You!

You can use any of the manifesting techniques, along with watching as many of our affirmation videos as possible to try and accomplish this. However, for this one, you can also try the Two Cup Manifestation Method. If you visit that post you’ll be shown exactly how to do it. Once there you can also watch a couple of our videos to help turn you into Super You! You can also take our free 30 Day Challenge for Super Self-Improvement. Just 1 one-minute video a day for 30 days for a quick boost in power!

Become More Spiritual – Raise Your Vibration to a Higher Consciousness

Maybe you want to raise your vibration to a higher spiritual level. Then check out our Crown Chakra Affirmations for a Higher Consciousness post. It comes complete with video to help you start buzzing with an elevated consciousness. You could also visit our 100 Shifting Affirmations for a Higher State post. It too comes with a video to help lift you to a higher spiritual state.

Manifest a Lottery Win

Or maybe you just want to keep everything at a nuts and bolts material level. Times are tough and you just want to manifest a lottery win. Yes, the odds are very long but we do have a video to help you to try and manifest a lottery win. I’ve created the video to help give you the mind of a winner, just in case you don’t actually happen to win the lottery. 🙂 See it here: Affirmations to Win the Lottery and Attract Good Fortune.

Manifest More Confidence

There are so many different ways we have here to help you manifest more confidence! I’ll give you a quick list of our powerful posts to check out. Most everyone contains a video as well. You’ll be bursting at the seams with confidence if you just give a couple of them a try.

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Powerful Self-Confidence Booster Video
Weight Loss Affirmations for Your Ideal Body

Manifest More Friends

Maybe you want more friends in your life. Check out our 44 Friendships Affirmations post, complete with video.

There is No Limit When it Comes to Manifesting

As you can see you can attempt to manifest more than one thing at a time. Again, don’t limit yourself. Have fun with it and see what you can start attracting into your life today. There is no limit!

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may the winds of fortune be with you,

Bob K.

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