Daily Affirmations for Weight Loss Video

This Daily Affirmations for Weight Loss video is in our “Take Action” format. This means these weight loss affirmations prompt you to take the actions necessary to obtain the desired result – in this case to lose weight.

The daily affirmations for weight loss in this video were taken from our post entitled “Weight Loss Affirmations for Your Ideal Body.

After the video there will be a link that you can use to download a Weight Loss Affirmations PDF should you so desire. Those affirmations are very similar to the ones in the video to lose weight below.

Also, we will have some bonus Positive Daily Affirmations for Weight Loss after the free Weight Loss PDF link. And, right before the video is info on our new 1 Hour to Lose Weight Fast Magical Mind Formula audio mp3. So stick around and thin down.

1 Hour Weight Loss Affirmations Audio

The Magical Mind Formula 1 Hour Weight Loss Affirmations audio mp3 for download is now on sale. This is a great way to put your affirmations on steroids. You can download the Weight Loss Affirmations audio mp3 to any device and play it on repeat if you wish. This particular audio comes with two different versions. One with a music background and one with just the affirmations themselves.

Also two bonuses including Get Lean the Lazy Way pdf. The lose weight affirmations are the same as in the video below. It is for sale on the gumroad platform. Check out the 1 Hour Weight Loss Audio Mp3 here. (A new window will open.)

Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss Youtube Video

Weight Loss Affirmations PDF Download

weight loss affirmations list pdf

When you click the link below you’ll be taken to our download page on mediafire. On the page you’ll find a download button in the upper right corner. Just click that button and you can download the file to your device. Click below to get there.

Weight Loss Affirmations List PDF for Free

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Bonus Daily Weight Loss Affirmations

My mind controls my body.

I have complete control of my mind.

I have a will of iron and a mind of steel.

What I eat is under my control.

I know that once I start losing weight the process gets easier and my mind gets stronger.

Once I get the ball rolling the momentum will build and the weight will drop.

My mind is strong.

I eat very healthy foods.

I incorporate intermittent fasting into my routine.

My healthy eating habits are for life.

My ideal body will be easy to achieve.

Once I begin the battle is won.

My ideal body is coming my way.

I will begin to lose pounds easily while getting healthier and healthier.

And, here is a bonus affirmation from the gang at betterme.world: “I easily choose healthy snacks over junk food.”

There you go. I hope you enjoyed the Daily Affirmations for Weight Loss video as well as the Free PDF and Bonus affirmations! If you have any great affirmations or secrets to lose weight let us know in the comments section below. We’ve got some more great stuff at Wealthvibes. Just check it out below.

Bob K.

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