Happiness Affirmations

Today’s post features happiness affirmations to keep you smiling and feeling joyful. These affirmations will give you the happiness state of mind. They are also embedded with suggestions with actual things you can do to keep the happiness going and flowing. Just for an example, here is a list of a few things you can do to increase your happiness. I’ve incorporated most of the things on the list into the happiness affirmations.

Things You Can Do to Increase Your Happiness

  • Take responsibility for the choices you make in life.
  • Keep positive and optimistic.
  • Enjoy the little moments in life.
  • Meditate.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Save and invest your money.
  • Network with family and friends.
  • Help others on a regular basis.
  • Smile and laugh.

Happiness Affirmations Video

If you want to saturate your mind with thoughts of happiness watch our Happiness Affirmations video. If you want a quick happiness mind boost check out our 1000 Happiness Images in 1 Minute video.

Happiness Affirmations

You flow with joy and happiness.
Your generate your happiness from the inside out.
You know you can be happy right here and right now no matter the externals.
You are in charge of your happiness.
You are in control of your life.

You make the choices that lead you to your best life.
You make it a habit to spend time doing things you love.
You build a support network of close family and friends.
You are generous and love to share your good fortune with others.
You spend time creating a life you love.
You are positive and optimistic.

You take responsibility for everything that happens in your life.
You are grateful for everything you have in life.
You enjoy the here and now.
You make it a habit to enjoy the little moments in life.
You take time for stillness.
You make time to play and relax.
You laugh and smile often.

Keep Active and Moving and Spend Some Time Outdoors

You exercise regularly.
You keep active and keep moving.
The more you keep moving the better you feel.
You make it a habit to spend time in nature.
You enjoy outdoor recreation and exercise.

You allot a couple of hours every week to help others.
The more you help others the better you feel and the better they’ll feel.
You maintain a network of loving relationships and cultivate those relationships.
You plan an exciting trip or adventure that you can look forward to.
You get plenty of sleep.

You do more of the things that bring you joy and happiness.
You love to spread your joy and happiness to others.
You fill your life with things you love to do.
You fill your life with people you love to be around.
You are active and love to exercise.
You enjoy doing healthy activities with friends.
You go on hikes with friends.
You focus on eating healthy.

For More Happiness Declutter and Get Organized

You know that the fewer things you own the fewer things you have to worry about.
You consider becoming a minimalist.
At the least you get organized and declutter your life.
You spend time in contemplation.
You spend time in meditation.
You tap into your inner power.
You are a radiant spiritual being flowing with immense joy.
You go after things you love.
You set goals and accomplish them.

You get good at saving and investing your money.
You build a life overflowing with abundance in all aspects.
You make it a habit to improve all areas of your life.
You learn more and expand your mind and horizons.
You give yourself things to look forward to such as trips and concerts and rewards for jobs well done.

You know that you are in charge of the choices you make in life.
Although you can’t always control what happens to you, you can control how you react to any and every situation.
You can choose to frame everything in your life in a positive life.
It is your life and you are in charge of your choices and how you react to any situation.

More Happiness Affirmations – Remember to Smile and Laugh Often

Every moment is a new fresh moment going forward.
This is your time.
This is your life.
Why not choose to have the time of your life?

You choose to be happy.
You choose to smile often.
You choose to laugh often.
You are cheerful and fun.
You look at the positive side of life.

Others love to be around you because of your cheerful positive attitude.
You are a breath of fresh air.
You make the lives of those around you sweeter.
You are mature and responsible.

Take Responsibility for Everything that Happens in Your Life

You never play the victim.
You take responsibility for the choices you’ve made.
You take responsibility for where you are in life.
You take responsibility for your life.
The more responsibility you take for what happens to you the happier you will be.
You take control of everything in your life that you can.
You let go of worrying about the things that you can’t control.
You are the captain of your ship, the master of your destiny.

It’s your life, feel free to shine with joy and enthusiasm.
You flow with joy and happiness.
You identify things that bring you happiness.
You do more of those things.
You increase the positive things and people in your life and eliminate the negative.
You are happy and laugh often.

You smile a lot.
You are a fun-loving joy-filled person.
Others love to be around you.
You are filled with love and light and laughter.
You are happy.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post featuring Happiness Affirmations. If you did so please let us know in the comments section below and consider sharing it to your social media. Thank you!

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