Get a Magnetic Personality and Develop More Charisma

Today’s post features affirmations and a video to help you get a magnetic personality and develop more charisma. Incorporated into these affirmations are a couple of key concepts to help have a more magnetic personality and increase your charisma. Included are the concepts listed below:

  • Being a great listener.
  • Maintaining eye contact.
  • Emotionally connecting with the people you converse with.
  • Remembering the names of those you meet and talk with.
  • Remembering details from previous conversations.
  • Being genuinely interested in the people you talk with.
  • Becoming the best person you can possibly be.
  • Project positivity in everything you do.

Get a Magnetic Personality Video

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Affirmations for Personal Magnetism and More Charisma

I am very charismatic and have a magnetic personality.
All are attracted to my powerful presence.
When talking with anyone I give them my full attention.
I am an active listener demonstrating that I care what others are saying.
I maintain eye contact with those I’m talking with.
My eyes radiate an inner power.

Others know that I am interested in what they have to say.
I connect emotionally with those I converse with.
I am empathatic and sympathetic.
I learn the names of those I speak with and use them often.
I am great at remembering details from earlier conversations and using them later.
Others are amazed by my great memory.

When speaking I flow with energy and enthusiasm.
My voice is powerful.
I am often expressive and animated while still being composed and calm.
I am a great storyteller.
I keep conversations positive.
I love to make others feel good.
I enjoy complimenting others and highlighting their accomplishments.
I put the spotlight on those I am talking with.
I focus in on their story and won’t give advice unless asked.

Look for the Good in Others

I always look for the good in other people.
Everybody wants to be around me.
Everybody wants to be my friend.
I flow with charisma.
I have a magnetic personality.
People are mesmerized by my powerful presence.
When talking with others my voice is powerful and captivating.
Others love to hear my voice, however, I make it a point to listen more than I talk.

I am calm cool and collected at all times.
I am confident and relaxed.
I don’t get rattled.
I am poised in any encounter.
I am smooth and professional.
I work on becoming the best person I can become.
I set lofty goals and go after them.
I am a go-getter.
I flow with confidence and power.

Believe in Yourself for a More Magnetic Personality

I carry myself like a champion of life.
I don’t need to talk about myself, I let others do that.
I let my accomplishments and actions speak for themselves.
All are magnetically attracted to me.
People are just naturally drawn to me.
I like people and love to strike up conversations.
I believe in myself and I believe in others.
I always look for win/win situations.
I enjoy helping others.
I push myself to massive success and want to bring my friends along for the ride.

I am a success magnet.
I have star-quality.
I go after what I want in life.
I believe in myself.
I believe in others.

I love to exchange positive uplifting stories with others.
I love to offer encouragement to those I speak with.
I always look to buildup the other person.
Others know that I am in their corner.
My friends can count on me.
I am a friend to ride the river with.
Everybody loves me.
Everybody wants to be around me.

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