Confidence Mantra for Increasing Self-Esteem

Today we have a Confidence Mantra for Increasing Self-Esteem. I’ve created a video for it that I think is quite addicting. If you agree let me know in the comments section below. Also, if you enjoy today’s post please share it on your social media. As I pointed out in our recent Money Mantras for a Rich Life post, wikipedia notes a mantra is a sacred utteranceā€¦or group of words in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have religious, magical or spiritual powers. Though these are in English, these confidence mantras were created with a hypnotic rhythm to help drill that sense of confidence deep into your bones.

The confidence mantra I’ve created today is a short and simple but powerful mantra that should really help boost your self-esteem. In it you are implored to tap into your inner power. You are also called to recall those times when you felt super confident and bring that feeling into the present whenever you need to.

Conquer “Mini Wars” to Boost Your Confidence

One of the things that will bring you more confidence is to set goals and achieve them. Make your plan, create a list and then start checking off those goals when you’ve done them. Each completed goal is a feather in your self-confidence cap.

In the confidence mantra I label these getting and completing goals as winning “mini-wars.” Each mini-war won makes you harder, stronger, and tougher. They also give you the fire to go after more and bigger accomplishments. And, finally don’t ignore the amount of things you can get done in just one day – or sun. It may surprise you!

Also, “mini-wars” can be any trial or tribulation you get through. Maybe, it’s a rough encounter with someone, a difficult week, month, or year, a divorce, an illness, or whatever the case. Whatever the “mini-war” is that you’ve made it through, take your strength knowing that you are still standing and kicking. Pull that feeling of having battled through and know that you can keep pushing forward in life!

Self-Confidence Mantra Video

I hope you enjoyed the confidence mantra video. Before uploading to youtube I actually listened to it 10 times in a row! So, I created a longer version, which you can watch on youtube here:

Confidence Mantra to Increase Self-Esteem – Half hour version

Anyway, I would suggest listening to it often if it resonates with you. The longer you listen the more confident you’ll start to feel. You’ll find the confidence mantra in written form below.

Confidence Mantra to Boost Self-Esteem

I tap the strength of my inner core.
And bring that power front and fore.
My head held high, my bearing straight,
I tackle life in a fearless state.

I remember times I’ve been brave or bold.
I can call them up to have and hold.
I harness those thoughts of power,
and can carry them through any hour.

I step forward every day.
I make a plan and head that way.
I check off boxes on my list.
One by one they can’t resist.

Add More Wins Everyday and Build Your Confidence

Every time I get a goal.
It’s another notch for my soul.
My confidence blooms and my courage soars.
I keep winning these mini-wars.

My heightened state stokes my fire,
to hunt and claim my next desire.
As the pressure mounts my courage grows.
I find it easy to conquer foes.

I am brave and bold and filled with power.
I get stronger by the hour.
My feet go forward, one by one,
I can accomplish much in just one sun.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post on boosting your self-esteem with Confidence Mantras. If you did please let us know in the comments section below and share it to your social media. It would be much appreciated!

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That’s a wrap folks! Before we go I wanted to share a couple of motivational mantras I found from Aaron Westbury at Strive. I’ve heard them before but both are powerful and worth a share. The first one is “You didn’t come this far to only come this far.” Just think about everything you’ve already gone through to get where you currently are. They say breakthroughs come when most people are ready to give up. So, just keep pushing through! And, the second one is just as powerful. “You can find an excuse or you can find a way.” Let’s all find a way!

May the winds of fortune be with you,

Bob K.

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