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Today we have a free Forgiveness Affirmations pdf for you. The affirmations in the pdf come from our article, 33 Forgiveness Affirmations to Heal Your Life. This forgiveness affirmations pdf also includes some forgiveness-related images to help you get in that forgiveness state-of-mind. Also, be sure to check out our new Forgiveness Affirmations youtube video below as well. And, finally click the link in the banner above to see our new 1 hour to heal your life forgiveness affirmations audio that is currently on sale.

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Before doing the affirmations you’ll want to clear your mind and get in a calm, relaxed receptive state. Many of these forgiveness affirmations will have you forgiving both yourself and others for anything that you think requires it. As with any affirmations you do you’ll want to put some focus and emotion into the recitation of these. Especially, with these forgiveness affirmations though. Sometimes the whole forgiveness thing can be tough to get past.

Finally, if you’ve experienced stress from being unable to forgive yourself or others, consider checking out our post, 100 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety and Stress Reduction. They are really helpful.

Anyway, to download your Forgiveness Affirmations PDF you’ll click the link below and a new window will open. It will take you to our download area on Mediafire. Just click the download button and save the file to your device.

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Before proceeding I have two new things to share. First, we have a new 1 hour Forgiveness Audio that I created taken from the affirmations you’ll find below. You’ll actually receive two different forgiveness affirmations audios. One has the affirmations backed with music and the other is just the affirmations for forgiveness themselves. It is on sale now on gumroad. Check it out here:

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Now, the second thing is we also have a new Forgiveness Affirmations Youtube Video. I’ll share that below and then your forgiveness affirmations will follow.

Forgiveness Affirmations to Heal Your Life Youtube Video

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Hope you’re enjoying a confidence-filled day!

Bob K.

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