Daily Affirmations pdf for Free to Get Energized

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You now have access to a Daily Affirmations pdf for free to energize your life. Many of these daily affirmations were from our 22 powerful morning affirmations post. Before we get to that I’ve just created a one hour audio mp3 based on these affirmations. It is on sale on the Gumroad platform for a limited time: Get Energized with the 1 Hour Morning Affirmations Audio

Now, as far as the Free PDF goes, I’ve added some more electric and energetic affirmations. Even better, I’ve put in several new daily affirmation images into the pdf. All in all it is a dynamite pdf packed with power. I think you’ll find it is a quick and easy way to get you going in the morning or whenever you need a motivational boost.

Right after the download link you’ll want to check out our Positive Powerful Morning Affirmations video that features the morning affirmations found in the free PDF. It’s guaranteed to get your day off to a rousing start. Also, please consider joining our free Wealthvibes Bulletin. We’ll alert you when we have something new and powerful for you.

Download the Free Affirmations PDF

I love many of the affirmations in this daily affirmations pdf. If you agree and wish to give it away please feel free to do so. Let’s spread the love and power! The more folks having a fantastic day the more everyone can benefit.

To download this daily affirmations pdf for free just go to our download page on Mediafire. You’ll see a download button in the upper right corner. It will be right next to the pdf symbol and “Daily affirmations to energize your life.” Just click that button and your free download will begin. Click the link below to be taken to our download page:

Daily Affirmations pdf for free to energize your life.

Positive Powerful Morning Affirmations Video from Youtube

New 1 Hour Audio to Get You Energized

I’ve just created a new 1 hour audio from these morning affirmations. The audio is the same as that in the video above. You can download it and listen to it as often as you’d like to really amp up your power. If you want to be rolling with enthusiasm every day be sure to check it out. This audio is on sale now for a limited time at our Gumroad site here:

1 Hour of Power – Morning Affirmations to Get You Energized

Bonus Daily Affirmations from the PDF

Here are some of the bonus affirmations included in the Daily Affirmations PDF

The power to live the life of my dreams is now and has always been inside me. I am
opening the spigot to turn my power on full-force.

Everywhere I go others are magnetically attracted to me.

Picture that you are the center and the emitter of a large invisible cloud of unbelievable
power surrounding you wherever you are and wherever you go.

You are the one.

You are the master.

Bring the power – make this day an electric and energetic masterpiece.

More Daily Affirmations – You Go After What You Want

You go after what you want. You will not be denied.

This day was made for you. Use it to bring value to others and value to yourself.

You are a beacon of power.

Use this day to positively influence all those around you.

Use this day to get done what needs to get done in your life right now.

Today is your day. Don’t let any of it go to waste.

Be a force of relentless love as you power through today.

There is only one today. Make it count.

Did You Enjoy the Free Daily Affirmations PDF?

Can you do me a favor? If you enjoy these daily affirmations and affirmation images can you please let me know in the comment section below. If you have a favorite from the affirmations just let me and others who come to this page know as well. I thank you!

I hope you are enjoying a fantastic day!

Bob K.

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Once again, thank you for grabbing your copy of the free daily affirmations pdf. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed it. I thank you!

Bob K.

Also, forgot to add if you are looking for even more free daily affirmations in pdf format I found this on the web from pdfdrive.

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