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When you join our free Wealthvibes Bulletin you’ll get a download link to a one hour money magnet audio. This free affirmations mp3 audio is a mixture of several of our money-related audios that I pulled from our videos.

The powerful 1 hour money magnet audio starts with a cut from our Attract $1000 Now affirmations audio. The spliced together cuts on this compilation audio also includes

Millionaire Mindset,
Success Consciousness,
Money Mix,
Reach for the Stars,
Money Flows,
Achieve Goals Be Relentless,
Money Manifesting,
Go After Your Dreams Be Relentless,
Law of Attraction Money,
and a speeded up version of Law of Attraction Money.

Join the Wealthvibes Bulletin today and you’ll get immediate access to this powerful 1 hour money magnet audio. This free affirmations mp3 is a great way to amp up your money mindset. Just click the link below and you’ll be taken to our signup page.

Join the Wealthvibes Bulletin and get your free 1 hour Money Magnet audio.

The Money Magnet Affirmations

Many of the money magnet affirmations found on this track can also be found in our free 55 Money Affirmations pdf. Check it out below. When you open the pdf the extra money affirmations will be found right after the list of 55 money affirmations. You can open and download the 55 powerful money affirmations pdf right here below. If you haven’t checked out that post yet I highly recommend it. Good anecdotal evidence on the effectiveness of money affirmations. See it now: 55 Powerful Money Affirmations.

55 Powerful Money Affirmations PDF


Hope you enjoyed the 55 powerful money affirmations. Use them often and your financial life could very well transform. Also, give them time to work and give yourself time to start doing the things that these affirmations encourage you to do. Start studying finances. Learn about different business opportunities. Examine a variety of side-hustles. You get the picture.

You can have a copy of these positive money affirmations in pdf format for free right now. Just click the link below and this pdf will open in a new window. You can download it to your hard-drive or device if you so desire. In the pdf after the 55 affirmations I’ve included a number of bonus money affirmations as well. Enjoy!

Free Powerful Money Affirmations pdf

I hope you join our Wealthvibes Bulletin and get access to the free 1 hour audio. Would love to have you come aboard.

Have a fantastic day!

Bob Kish

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