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55 Powerful Money Affirmations

Today we feature the Free Money Affirmations PDF. These affirmations in the money affirmations pdf come from our article 55 Powerful Money Affirmations. As a bonus within the money affirmations pdf I’ve included some of the money affirmation sets from various videos I’ve created over the years. These bonus affirmations in the money affirmations pdf … Read more

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Money magnet audio free

When you join our free Wealthvibes Bulletin you’ll get a download link to a one hour money magnet audio. This free affirmations mp3 audio is a mixture of several of our money-related audios that I pulled from our videos. The powerful 1 hour money magnet audio starts with a cut from our Attract $1000 Now … Read more

55 Powerful Money Affirmations

Powerful money affirmations relentless money machine

I’m going to share some powerful money affirmations here. Now, I’m a firm believer in the power of affirmations to transform one’s life. However, as you may have seen in my 77 Confidence Affirmations for Self-Esteem post, I make most of the affirmations centered around you having to do some action to achieve the result. … Read more