Positive Affirmations for Coworkers

Today we feature Positive Affirmations for Coworkers. These are great to keep your work relations moving smoothly. What are some of the best ways to make sure it is easier to get along with coworkers? Always do your job to the best of your abilities. Be the absolute best at whatever you do and always strive to get better. It’s usually difficult for coworkers or fellow employees to have any complaints with you if you are just flat out great at what you do.

So, at the same time that you are bringing your best performance to the job, also work on bringing your best possible positive attitude into every encounter with your coworkers. That is a great combination for a friction-free work environment. To that end, I’ve structured many of these positive affirmations for coworkers to make sure your focus is on doing your best at the job while at the same time bringing that positive attitude.

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Positive Affirmations for Coworkers – Dealing with a Bad Apple

Now, having said all that, sometimes you just have to deal with a bad apple in the workplace. Most of the time, great work performance coupled with a positive attitude will get you through. When it doesn’t there are things you can do to get back to a more peaceful environment.

If you do have a confrontation with a coworker always ask yourself what your level of culpability or blame is in the situation. If you are partially or wholly to blame just own up to it and move on. Now, If you are not to blame and you are confronted with someone who has a difficult personality the best way to handle it is to stand up for yourself. The more you do that the less you’ll be verbally abused by a coworker. To that end, I’ve included affirmations to help you do just that in the positive affirmations for coworkers that are coming below.

Finally, if you have any conflict with coworkers, attempt to put yourself in their shoes and actually send them some mental love (if you can muster it). This will help you feel empathy towards them and they will most likely be able to feel that and respond accordingly. I’ve also included affirmations for that as well.

Positive Affirmations for Coworkers

The better that my relationship with coworkers is the easier it will be for me to do my job.
I maintain a friendly relationship with my coworkers.
I immediately seek to smooth over any friction that may develop.
My coworkers know that they can come to me for any help needed.
I send positive energy to all of my coworkers.

I keep networking in a positive way with my coworkers.
If the situation permits I enjoy seeing my coworkers outside of work.
I enjoy my job and that is displayed by my positive attitude at work.
My coworkers enjoy being around me.
I enjoy interacting and being around those I work with.

The people I work with are energized and excited by my presence.
I always project an aura of calm power wherever I am.
I stand up for myself if the situation necessitates it.
People at work respect me.
I command respect at work.

I take on as much responsibility as I can handle.
All are attracted to my powerful presence.
I am calm and collected in all situations.
I am super relaxed in all situations.

Bring a Positive Attitude and a Fantastic Work Ethic

positive affirmations for coworkers fantastic attitudePin

My attitude at work is fantastic.
My performance at work is outstanding.
I always seek to do the very best I can at work.
I love myself and what I am doing.

Others see me as a great worker.
I constantly strive to get better and better at my job.
Management and coworkers depend on me.
My coworkers look up to me as a good example of a great worker.

I get along great with both my bosses and my coworkers.
I am loved and respected by all.
If I can help my coworkers in any way I will gladly make time to do so.
I am always looking at the positive side of things.

My coworkers say great things about me.
I am very well-respected by management and staff.
I work hard at getting along with others.
Those I work with know I am a team player.

Hope you enjoyed those positive affirmations for coworkers. Here is a bonus one from the folks at lifehack: “I Can Transform Obstacles Into Opportunities to Better Myself.”

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