Positive Affirmations for Motivation

inner fire motivation affirmations

Today we feature positive affirmations for motivation. These are great to get you motivated and attacking life. Do these powerful affirmations and start sharing your power with the world. The more actions you take to get things done the easier it will be going forward. You’ll do more, get more confident, and begin to start … Read more

Millionaire Affirmations to Attract Millions of Dollars

Millionaire Affirmations to attract millions of dollars

Today we have millionaire affirmation to attract millions of dollars. As usual, I’ve created many of these affirmations in the “take action” format. Simply put, the multi-millionaire affirmations are framed to propel you to take the actions likely to lead you closer to the desired result. In this case that desired result is to attract … Read more

Self-Confidence Affirmations with Videos

self-confidence affirmations showcase your excellence

Today we have self-confidence affirmations with videos. The Super Confidence videos we have are both 30 minutes long and are great to be used anytime as background motivation. They can also be used before bed as sleep meditations to really increase your confidence levels. The self-confidence affirmations contained in the videos are from our post … Read more