1000 Affirmations in One Minute Videos

1000 Affirmations in 1 Minute Videos

Today we present our 1000 Affirmations in one minute videos. I created several of these years ago, but I spread them among a variety of different youtube channels. For instance, the 1000 Genius Affirmations was created for my Brainsngames site. My 1000 Wealth Images was created for my Wealthvibes site as was the 1000 Affirmations … Read more

I Am Affirmations – PDF for Free

i am affirmations i am a titan of confidence

Today we feature some I Am Affirmations with a free pdf. These affirmations are geared to helping you create and construct the life you want to live. You can download the free pdf below. In addition, I’ve also created an “I am affirmations” video based on these affirmations. And, finally I created 2 different 1 … Read more

3 Word Positive Affirmations and Sayings for Success

3 word positive affirmations quotes and sayings

Today we feature 3 Word Positive Affirmations and Sayings for Success. As of last count there were about 128 of these 3 word positive affirmations. This was a lot of fun to put together and I think you’ll get some benefit from these short but powerful sayings for success. In fact, I created a video … Read more

Affirmations for Healing the Body

affirmations for healing the body

Today we have Affirmations for Healing the Body. These positive healing affirmations will have the power of the Universe flowing through you to heal and repair the body. We will also have affirmations that encourage you to take care of your bodily temple by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Before proceeding please consider joining our … Read more