Productivity Affirmations to Get More Done

Today’s post features Productivity Affirmations to help you get more done. Included in these productivity affirmations are references to many of the best productivity-increasing tips and tricks including using the Pomodoro Technique and the Pareto Principle. Definitely try out both techniques and see what they can do for you in the productivity realm.

I’ve also created a video to help hammer home the idea that you are a goal-achieving super-producer. This one is an hour long, It is ideal to help firmly implant the motivation as well as the shortcuts you can take to become more productive starting today.

Become Super Productive and Get More Done Affirmations Video

Productivity Affirmations

Make a Passion-Filled Life Plan and Use Smart Goals

You make a life plan that is filled with things you are passionate about.
You break that life plan into goals you will accomplish in select time-periods.
You consider creating smart goals.
Smart goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.
You focus on putting the majority of your energy into completing your biggest goals.
You focus on completing goals that are both important and urgent.
You put definitive time limits on achieving your goals.
You break up bigger goals into bite-size tasks.

When you are doing a task you are extremely focused on just that one task.
When there is a task to be done you get right to it.
You know that half the battle to completing a task is to just start it.
You know the old adage, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
You get great at starting tasks and even better at completing them.

You know that more difficult goals require an even greater heightened ability to stay on task.
You are up to the task.
You get results.
You have what it takes to do what must be done.
You create a work-area in which you can stay focused and on-task.
For certain periods of your work-day you don’t allow interruptions of any kind.
In order to be totally focused on the task at hand you get rid of distractions.
You realize that sometimes you must just say no to people and things in order to accomplish what you must.

Productivity Affirmations – Use the Pomodoro Technique to Get More Done

You consider using the Pomodoro Technique to get things done.
With the Pomodoro Technique you get work done in intensely focused twenty-five minute blocks of time.
With this technique your focus is on doing one task at a time – there is no multitasking.
Each twenty-five minute block of time is separated with a 5 minute break.
After four twenty-five minute blocks you then take a fifteen to thirty minute break.

You are focused and dedicated to finishing what you are working on.
You are honed in and focused.
With this system you can get a lot done in a condensed amount of time.
At the same time you make sure to give yourself a break in order to recover.

Focus on the Most Important Tasks First

With each task accomplished you become quicker and more confident in your abilities to handle even larger tasks.
Every day you become more productive.
Every day you take action to knock out your most important tasks first.
You are intensely focused on getting each task on your list done as quickly as possible.
You spend the majority of your time tackling the biggest tasks on your lists.

You are becoming a task-completing, goal-accomplishing master.
If you can, you delegate and automate as many tasks and goals as you can in order to get more done.
You look at using outsourcing, autoresponders, funnels, and already created trainings.
You know that these and similar techniques can rapidly expand your reach and your ability to get things done.
You are getting more productive all the time.

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) – Become More Productive by Focusing on Clarifying Objectives and Getting Results

You focus on objectives and getting results.
You are becoming more and more results-oriented.
You take action and get results.
You are someone that has a reputation for getting things done.

Part of being more productive is having advanced skills and know-how.
For instance, if your goal is to chop down a tree, you’ll get it cut down quicker if you spend time sharpening your axe prior to cutting.
To that end you schedule time to expand your knowledge and ability to be super-productive.
You are all about constant and never-ending improvement and growth.
Because readers are leaders you are a reader.
The more you learn the more you discover even more ways to increase your productivity.
You are becoming a super-producer in all areas of your life.

You have tenacity.
You have grit.
You are getting better all the time.
You are relentless in going after what you want.
You are someone who makes it a habit to accomplish a lot.
People are amazed at what you can accomplish.
The more you get done the easier it gets.

Use the Pareto Principle to Focus on Those Things that Give You the Best Results

You utilize the Pareto Principle to focus on getting the most return for your time.
The Pareto Principle is simply the eighty-twenty rule.
Eighty percent of your results come from twenty percent of the things you are doing.
Knowing this, you find a way to put more focus and energy on that twenty percent in order to expand it.
Conversely you also look at ways to cut back on the eighty percent of things you are doing that don’t yield results.

For tasks that you repeat often, you learn and use shortcuts to make them faster.
For example, with emails you may create responses that you can personalize on the fly.
For typing you might use common keyboard shortcuts.
It’s simple, but the faster you can do things the more you can get done.
Even better is if you can delegate work and automate tasks in everything you do.
The more you can hand off the heavy lifting the more you can concentrate on brainstorming, marketing, or growing your brand.

Productivity Affirmations – Network with Those that Can Help You Rapidly Expand

You get great at networking with people that can take you to the next level in business and in life.
You bring extreme value into the lives of others.
The more you can help others the better you’ll feel and the better off the planet will be.
You are becoming great at taking focused action.
You are also becoming great at increasing the actions that give you the best results.
As you do this over and over again you become ever more productive.
You are becoming more and more results-oriented.
You get things done.

For you the sky is the limit.
Every goal accomplished brings you more excitement.
Every goal accomplished brings you more confidence and self-esteem.
Every success achieved adds a new tool to your toolbox.
You become faster and more adept at doing things.
You learn what works and it speeds up your ability to accomplish even more.
The more projects you handle the easier it becomes to take on any challenge.
Every day you are becoming more resilient, more adaptable.
You can adapt to and overcome anything.

The More Productive You Become the Bigger Your Dreams Can Grow

As you achieve more and more you realize that you can do or be anything.
The more you accomplish, the bigger you set your goals.
Your world expands and you know that anything is achievable.
You are becoming a lightning-rod to super-success.
You are a focused, goal-achieving machine.
You are a go-getter.
You are a one percenter.

You are a person to be admired and respected.
You have an all-consuming desire to make your dreams come true.
You know what you want and have the tools and mindset to go get it.
Anything is possible for you.
You are a shining example of someone living a purpose-driven life.
You are rapidly becoming an inspiration to one and all.

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