44 Friendship Affirmations to Attract Positive Relationships

44 Friendship Affirmations

Today we have 44 friendship affirmations to attract positive relationships. If you are looking to add more great friends into your life you are at the right spot. These friendship affirmations are designed to help you attract a bevy of new and exciting friendships starting right now. If you really want more friendships ask yourself … Read more

10 Good Daily Habits to Improve Your Life

take moments 10 good daily habits

Here are 10 good daily habits to improve your life. Take Moments Throughout Your Day A different but very good daily habit you can do is to take moments throughout your day. These moments are like mini-meditations. They are sometimes referred to as a Pause or a Power Pause. Whether it be at work, at … Read more

33 Abundance Affirmations to Attract Success

make your life and adventure abundance affirmations

Today we feature 33 abundance affirmations to attract success in life. I’ve divided up the 33 abundance affirmations into categories to help you focus on abundance in a particular area if you so choose. The categories of abundance I’ve chosen include: Friends Experiences Love Success in life Money Before we get to the actual affirmations … Read more