55 Positive Thinking Quotes for Happiness in Life

55 Positive Thinking Quotes Handle Life Like the Champ You Are

Today we feature 55 positive thinking quotes to bring you more happiness in life. Now, is that possible with just a few positive thinking quotes? In fact, becoming an optimistic or positive thinking person can give you many benefits, not just happiness. For instance, in regards to health, Harvard reported that multiple studies linked a … Read more

Delayed Gratification Quotes for Success in Life

1 key to success delayed gratification quotes

Today we feature Delayed Gratification Quotes for Success in Life. First off, just what is delayed gratification and why do you need to learn it? As Wikipedia details, “Delayed gratification… describes the process that the subject undergoes when the subject resists the temptation of an immediate reward in preference for a later reward.” In most … Read more