Winning Affirmations for Success in the New Year

Today we feature winning affirmations for success in the New Year. These are great for saturating your mind with the thoughts that you are a winner. Even better they prompt you to take the actions necessary to become a winner. These positive affirmations for winning will have you creating a success plan for your life and taking action every day to make that plan a reality. Before the written affirmations to be a winner we have a Winning Affirmations video. Watch it first and then read the affirmations for maximum effectiveness.

Also, right after the Winning Affirmations video and before the affirmations themselves we have a free Be a Winner Virtual Vision Board that you can save to your device and use whenever you need a reminder that You are a Winner!

If you are interested we also have a post with video entitled, Affirmations to Win the Lottery and Attract Good Fortune. Definitely check it out when you get a chance. It is less about winning the lottery and more about turning your mind into a winning machine. Speaking of winning, let’s get to it!

Winning Affirmations Video

Be a Winner Virtual Vision Board

Save the Be a Winner virtual vision board image to your device. Then, anytime you need a reminder that you are a Winner pull up the image and give it a good long look and heed the affirmation: “You Win – That’s What You Do.”

Virtual vision board you are a winner

Winning Affirmations

This year is my year.
Every day I do something to create my best life.
The best in my field have secrets which I learn.
To become the best I learn from the best.
Who can I learn from today to become more successful?
What can I do today to become more successful?
How can I become better every single day?
How can I help others every single day?
I write down what I want to accomplish this year.
I write down the best ways to do what I need to do.
My goals are smart.
I look at the big picture.
I aim to win smart.
There is no stopping me.

I will do what it takes to become a winner.
I learn from the mistakes of others.
Winners often have to experience failure before becoming successful.
The faster I do what needs to be done the quicker a success I’ll become.
My plan is to do what needs to be done.
I make a success plan and go after it.
I overcome failures and course correct where needed.
My mind is focused on the big picture.
I will do what needs to be done.
I will be a winner.

Winning Affirmations – Copy What Winners Have Done

Taking action is easier than procrastinating.
I take massive action to accomplish my goals.
I set goals in all areas of my life.
The loftier my goals the more I can accomplish.
I don’t wait for things to happen I make them happen.
I’m an action-taking beast.
It’s all-out action all the time.
I copy what winners have done and that’s what I’ll become.
I am a winner.
The more action I take to achieve goals the easier it becomes.
My life is filled with positive actions.
The more positive actions I take the more wins I generate.
I am winning in the game of life.

Shoot for the Stars and Make the World a Better Place

I shoot for the stars.
I aim to make the world a better place.
My goal is to become an example that others can follow.
My life is becoming a positive inspiration for all.
I don’t sit back, I get after it.
The more I do the more I want to do.
The more I accomplish the more I want to accomplish.
Winning feels good.
Getting what I want feels good.
I am a winner in all areas of my life.
I am unstoppable.
Winning is what I do.
Winning is who I am.

The more winning I do, the more I can help others.
The more I help others, the better I feel.
I feel and act like a winner.
I do what winners do.
To become a shining example to others I put in the work necessary.
Every day I have a success plan.
Every day I put in the work.
I share love and laughter on my journey.
I share my secrets and help others.
Winning comes easily to me.
Helping others win comes easily to me.
The more I help others the more I help myself.
I love helping others.
I have the mind of a winner.

More Winning Affirmations – Become a Champion in Life

Winners win.
I am a winner.
I chalk up wins and keep on winning.
My life is special.
It is an honor to play the game of life.
I will play the game of life as a champion.
Champions don’t back down.
Champions strive to make themselves and those around them better.
I have what it takes.
I am becoming a champion of life.
My goals are smart and have meaning.
I constantly improve my life and the lives of those around me.
I am here for a reason.
My life is a shining example of success.
I take on life.
I don’t settle for ordinary.

What is my purpose?
This year I align my life with my purpose.
I play the game of life with all my ability.
I play the game full-out.
There is no reason to think small.
I think large and go after big wins.
Every time I get a win, I get pumped to keep winning.
Winning feeds on itself.
I am getting into the flow of winning.
The more winning I do the more I want to do.
Winning comes easily to me.
Winning is my middle name.
I chalk up win after win.
Others see me as a big winner in the game of life.

Make This Year Your Year

This year is my year.
I take on any and all challenges and move forward.
I don’t make excuses I just get results.
Winning is my birthright.
Why not live life to the fullest?
Why not be the best?
I am on planet earth for a reason.
I do what needs to be done.
Playing the game of life is fun.
I will have fun each and every day.
I make my life a masterpiece of fun and winning.
Winning is what I do.
A winner is who I am.

Hope you enjoyed these winning affirmations. Here’s to hoping this year is a great one for you, full of lots of different life-changing wins!

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