Manifesting Your Dream Home or House

Today’s post on manifesting a new dream home or house is another in our manifesting series. If you haven’t seen our post Manifestation Secrets and Techniques to Attract Your Dream Life be sure to check it out. If you scroll down a ways on that particular post you’ll find the video featuring Jon Assaraf and his amazing story of how he used a vision board to manifest his dream home.

Today, I’ll share some dream home manifesting success stories. I’ve also created a Manifest Your Dream Home or House Affirmations video that you can use to help plant the dream home idea into your subconscious mind. You can watch it before reading the written affirmations if you desire.

Using a Vision Board for Manifesting Your Dream Home or House

A vision board is just a board that you can affix pictures to of the various things you want to manifest or attract. In this case if you want to use a vision board for manifesting your dream home you would find a picture or pictures of similar to the type of home you would like to live in. Then you can put that vision board in area of your current residence where you can see it often.

Alternatively, you can also create a digital or virtual vision board. You can do that by opening a graphics program on your computer or phone and then creating a single image that is a collection of different ideal homes. You can simply get these pictures by downloading them from the internet. Once you’ve created your digital collage of dream homes you can then just put it on whatever device you use most often and pull up that picture at least once a day. The dream home images will saturate your subconscious mind. Hopefully, this saturation will help move you in the direction you need to go to actually be able to acquire this home.

Manifesting a Home Success Stories

Don’t believe you can actually manifest a house or home? Definitely check out that aforementioned Jon Assaraf video. Years after he created his vision board, not only did he end up manifesting a home just like the one on his vision board, he managed to manifest the exact same home that was on his vision board! He didn’t realize this until after he had moved into the new house and then months later found his old vision board. So, believe there is magic in this approach and it just might happen for you.

Also, I just finished watching a video from Emma Mumford in which she describes how she attracted her dream home. One of the things she used was manifestation scripting. She wrote that she wanted to live in a place with a garden along with an all-white interior. She posted this affirmation on her fridge and looked at it every day for over a year.

Emma believed that her lease was up in June but wasn’t really planning to move until November. However, in February she got an urge to check out the listings on a place called Rightmove. She didn’t understand why she had the urge because she knew she had plenty of time to find a place. Even stranger that same evening she got a call from her landlord reminding her that her tenancy was up in May! The landlord also said she had a new property she was about to list that Emma might like to see.

Power of the Spoken Word

Anyway, this lead Emma down a funny adventure in which she did find the right home for her after seeing several properties. At one point she was joking around and said “wouldn’t it be amazing if I found a house at the same price for some of the apartments she was viewing. And, of course her joke turned into reality. That is part of the power of the spoken word!

Also, if you watch any of these manifest a home videos you’ll see many comments from others who have their own success stories in which they find the home of their dreams. So there are a lot of home manifesting success stories out there which should give you encouragement in your own search.

Make a Plan for Manifesting Your Dream Home

Your dream home or house may be more than you can presently afford. So, why not make a plan and figure out just how you are one day going to be able to actually afford your dream home. You may need to do something to increase your income, save more money, make more aggressive investments, start a business, etc… But, definitely make a plan.

Also, having an end goal like a dream home may actually make it easier to push yourself to make and save more money. Looking at the home of your dreams every day may just be the extra fuel you need to really propel you to take the actions necessary to up your financial game.

Think Outside the Box to Live Where You Want to Live

What if you just want to live in a place that you can’t really afford but you want to live there right now? In this case, consider getting a group of friends to go in on a place that you might not ordinarily be able to afford on your own. For what you currently pay for monthly rent or a mortgage you might be able to rent your dream home with a group of friends. Think of that. Instead of maybe being in a one-bedroom apartment in an area you don’t necessarily like, you could be renting a luxury home in an area you love. And, you could be paying the same amount or less once you consider that the cost of rent is being shared by everyone! You could be living the dream right now.

Use Visualization to Manifest Your Dream Home

So, in addition to using a regular vision board or even a virtual vision board to manifest your dream home you can also use visualization. Try to picture yourself actually living in the type of home you desire. You can also actually physically go out to open houses for properties like the one you want to live in. Even just driving through neighborhoods like the one you want to live in can also help motivated and inspire you to do what you need to do to live where you want to live.

Fill Your Current Home with Things You Love

Until you manifest your best living situation or dream home you can make your current home a great place to live. Fill your home with things you love and that make you happy. You might want to fill it with plants and works of art that you love, comfortable furniture and more. Basically make it a place you enjoy coming home to, even if it is not your ideal or dream home.

Manifesting Your Dream Home Affirmations Video

Below is a great video for attracting a home you want to live in. The manifestation video has three different vocal layers of affirmations to help you manifest a house. We also have a quick 1 minute or so dream house affirmations video which you can watch here: Quick dream house manifestation video.

Affirmations for Manifesting a Home or House

I’ve created a series of dream home affirmations that you can use to help you attract your dream home lifestyle. Read these often to help you absorb that dream home attracting mindset.

I see myself living in the home of my dreams.
I will do what it takes to afford my dream home.
My dream home is out there waiting for me to arrive.
I will figure out a way to afford and live in the home of my dreams.
I will make a plan to get into my dream home.

A vision board can help me manifest my dream home.
I will create a vision board, either physical or virtual.
I visualize myself living in an area I love.
The universe will help me manifest my dream house.
I will research and visit areas I love.
I will attend open houses of homes I like.

Find a Way to Live Where You Want to Live

Living in my dream home will bring me joy.
I visualize myself overflowing with happiness in the home of my dreams.
There are many different ways to get into my dream home.
I will find a way to get into my dream home.
I will make living in the home of my dreams a reality.

My dream home is calling to me.
I will do what needs to be done to get where I want to go.
I see myself living the life I want to live.
Manifesting the life of my dreams will be exciting.
Manifesting the home of my dreams will be fun.

Take Actions Every Day

I know that happiness comes from the inside out.
I also know that I can be happy living anywhere.
So, why don’t I live in a place that I absolutely love?
And, why not live in an area that I love?
Every day I take actions to make my dream life a reality.
Every day I take actions to get me closer to the home of my dreams.

I will manifest the home of my dreams.
I will live where I want to live.
My cup of happiness is overflowing.
I am magnetizing great things to me.
An abundance of riches is flowing my way.
I will be able to easily afford to live where I want to live.
I am manifesting a life of abundance and joy.
Great things are coming my way.

I deserve great things in my life.
I deserve to live in the home of my dreams.
Living the life of my dreams is natural.
I will do whatever it takes to comfortably live where I want to live.
I am a manifesting machine getting what I want in life.
Manifesting what I want is easy for me.
Living where I want is easy for me.
I deserve and will have great things in my life.

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