Love Affirmations for Attracting a Specific Person

Today we have love affirmations for attracting a specific person along with a video. These particular affirmations are for helping you attract a soulmate. If you have a specific person in mind you can picture them when the particular affirmations call for it. But, as you’ll see many of these love affirmations will be to help you attract the person that the universe wants you to be with. That may be different then who you had in mind when you do these affirmations. Just go with the flow and use them to start attracting a soulmate.

If you want to use these love affirmations for attracting a specific person please make sure that the person is single. It’s just not good karma to use spiritual energy with the result that a happy couple ends up breaking up. As usual, you want to use this power for good.

Alright, having said that, when you’re done here be sure to check out our Love Mantra for attracting a specific person.

Quick Visualization to Attract a Specific Person

I’ve read a number of accounts of these types of affirmations working. I’ve done something similar in the past when I was testing some manifesting techniques to see if they really work. You can use the following technique to manifest a phone call or a text message or even just a surprise encounter where you bump into that person.

What I did was a quick 10 minute visualization where I sent a mental message to someone I hadn’t talked to in years that I wanted them to contact me. I spent ten minutes sending out the message to contact me. I visualized us getting back in touch.

Now, I was planning on contacting them anyway but I decided to try this technique to see if it would actually work. This wasn’t for love specifically but just to see if they would get back to me. Being a fairly busy person I promptly forgot about it.

Lo and behold, a little over two weeks later I saw a message on my phone from that person. When I saw the name the first thing I thought was “omg that actually worked!” So, yes, your thoughts have real power and you just might be surprised by who or what you can manifest! I wish you the best of luck with this technique and hope you manifest a soulmate, and specifically that person that you want to manifest.

Love Affirmations to Attract a Specific Person or Your Soulmate Video

Love Affirmations for Attracting a Specific Person

I think about the person I want to attract.
I send that person powerful positive energy to help make their life better.
Thoughts of love and light surround them now.
Thoughts of peace and joy surround them now.
I visualize us as a couple.
I visualize us helping each other play the game of life.

My mind is powerful.
My thoughts are powerful.
If the universe wants us to get together it will happen.
My mind is focused on manifesting the best outcome for both of us.
Whether that is together or separate I let the universe decide.
I ask the universe to send the ideal partner to both of us.
I am attracting my ideal partner now.
The universe is sending my ideal loving partner to me now.
My ideal partner is out there searching for me right now.
I am open to receiving and welcoming my ideal partner now.

If my ideal partner is the person I envision I welcome them.
If my ideal partner is someone else, I welcome them.
I am open to starting a new and exciting relationship now.
The universe wants me to be happy.
I am flowing with joy and light.
I am manifesting my best life now.
Love and light surround me and flow freely through me.

I am a magnet of love attracting all to me.
My inner light shines bright drawing all to me.
I work on turning myself into the best person I can be.
I work on becoming a beautiful person inside and outside.
My life is becoming a work of art that anyone would love to share.
The universe is sending my soulmate to me now.
I am open to receiving a loving soulmate now.

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