How to Manifest Fame and Fortune

Today’s post is another in our manifesting series. This one is how to manifest fame and fortune. I’ve also created a variety of manifest fame and fortune affirmations along with an accompanying video. Definitely watch the video to cement the fame and fortune concepts into your mind.

From my research of those who have become rich and famous there are many different routes that one can take. Some of these folks have become social media “famous” and then have parlayed that fame into a fortune. In that case they have often chosen to share their expertise in a certain subject. As they share that expertise with others through social media they develop a loyal following who often reward them handsomely via a variety of methods: ad revenue, patreon subscriptions, superchats, product purchases, etc.

Others have started the process by becoming an expert in their field – and often rich as a result of their expertise – and then shared that knowledge with others through social media, which then added a degree of fame to their fortune. So, it seems you can take either route: fame first followed by the fortune, or become expertise or business-rich and then share how you got there and become famous in by doing so.

How Can You Manifest Fame and Fortune?

The first thing you can do is to start sharing your expertise with others on social media. Pick your platform and then decide what you are passionate about or would like to share with others. The sky is the limit with this category. For instance, on youtube alone I’m subscribed to dozens and dozens of different creators in a variety of different of areas who have hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of subscribers. I’ll list just some of the types of accounts I follow to give you an idea. And, of course you can go into your social media accounts and do the same. See who you follow and how many subscribers they have to give you an idea of what is possible.

Social Media Areas of People I Follow with Huge Followings

Personal Finance gurus
FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) proponents
Stock Pickers
Digital Nomads
Expats and Travellers
Chess Streamers
Meditation Music
Reaction Videos (People reacting to music, tv shows, movies, etc.
Webcams – beaches, plane landings, trains, etc.

That brief list should give you a number of ideas to add to your own. I also know what you are thinking – when does this guy have time to do anything if he is subscribed to all these different creators on social media? Which is another tip to help you manifest fame and fortune. If that is your goal you’ll want to spend way more time creating than consuming all that content that is out there.

Also recognize that the category you pick will have a lot to do with the money you eventually make. If you have a huge enough following you’ll probably make money regardless but if you are reviewing expensive products, or in a money niche, or the beauty category or areas like that you’ll probably make more money in the short and the long run.

So, that is the route to take if you want to start developing a following. Start with Youtube, or Instagram, or Tiktok, or Pinterest, or your favorite social media platform and just start creating content. On the flipside if you already own a business or are doing well financially in any area, start sharing that and develop a following that way.

How to Manifest Fame and Fortune – Start with this Affirmations Video

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Fame and Fortune Affirmations for Manifesting

Fame and fortune are coming my way.
I focus in on something I’m passionate about.
I focus in and work smart to learn as much as I can.
I am becoming an expert in my chosen field.
I build my business.
I share my expertise with others through social media.
I am becoming a social media expert.

I am bringing great value to as many people as possible.
I am not afraid to put myself out there.
I know that everything has a learning curve.
I am willing to take the time to learn.
I know I will get better and better the more I do it.
I continually create better and better content.
I grow my business.

Others love what I produce.
I produce great content and products for my followers.
I produce powerful free content that helps my subscribers.
I produce powerful paid content that makes me a lot of money.
Money flows to me.

Learn to Outsource, Automate, and Delegate

The more money I make the more great content I create.
I learn how to outsource.
I learn how to automate and delegate.
I learn how to become a great marketer.
I am a producer.

I am becoming a shining star.
I am recognized as an expert in my field.
I hone my craft and become ever more knowledgeable.
I am becoming more and more popular.
More and more people follow me and want to give me money.
More and more money flows into my life.

People start to recognize me in public.
People want to be around me.
People roll out the red carpet for me.
People want my autograph.
A lot of people shower me with compliments.
Everybody wants to be around me.

Manifest Fame and Fortune by Working Smart

I am becoming famous.
I am becoming rich.
I am becoming rich and famous.
Fame and fortune are flowing my way.
I work smart in creating my empire.
I automate and delegate as much as I can.
I hire out as much as I can.
I go after success in a big way.

I will not be stopped.
I will not be denied.
My mind is strong.
My will is unbreakable.
I treat all setbacks as a learning experience and push onward.
I push myself to be the best.
I believe in myself.
Others believe in me.

I don’t listen to the naysayers.
Nothing will stop me.
I keep pushing on.
I am open to allowing fame and fortune into my life.
I deserve fame and fortune.
Fame and fortune will be mine.
I keep pushing on.
I am a hustler.
I am relentless in creating my empire.

The More Famous You Get the More Opportunities You’ll Attract

The more I can help others the more I will help myself.
I am a shining star.
I am beacon of light drawing all to me.
People want to give me business.
People want to give me money.
People want to be my friend.

I work smart and hard and will reap the rewards.
I focus on creating an empire that will help others and reward me.
I build a network of supportive people.
I use social media to help build my empire.
I network with the rich and famous.
I feel at home talking to millionaires.

I am comfortable being with the rich and famous.
I am becoming one of them.
I am becoming richer and richer every day.
I flow with confidence.
I am comfortable in the spotlight.
I am comfortable in front of cameras.

I am relaxed and at ease and enjoy entertaining my audience.
I am motivated to succeed.
I am motivated to be the best.
I will have fame and fortune.
I will be the best.
I am a go-getter.

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