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Your Goals

Free Goals Worksheet and Planner

Several years ago I discovered this free goal worksheet and planner from Paul Myers of talkbiz. Interestingly, the first year I used the goals worksheet I actually spent a good amount of time writing down my goals and planning what I wanted to accomplish for that particular year.

Well, within a week of my planning session I promptly forgot about my list and went about my year oblivious to my goals. When January of the next year came around I resolved to once again do my list but this time follow through with it. I got out my old goal planning worksheets to look over them figuring I could just about use last year's goal sheet. However, I noticed an interesting thing. Even though I had not consciously set out to accomplish any of the goals I had originally written down, I actually had achieved over one third of the goals on the list!

That speaks to the inherent power of even just writing down those goals. Of course, you can accomplish even more if you actually connect tasks and timelines to your goals and actively check back on them!

Right click the links below to save the PDF files to your computer. The Achieve Your Goals file explains how to use the worksheet. The worksheets file is actually one single file that contains all the worksheets. You can choose to print out whatever particular pages of the goals worksheet you want to use and then fill in the worksheet with your particular goals and dreams.

Achieve Your Goals

Goals worksheets

Don't forget to check out more goal setting tools below.

Free Goal Setting Tools

There are a number of great goal setting tools online, many of them free to use or download. Two of the better ones can be found below:

Task Coach - This is a powerful free open source goal setting software that you can download right now on their site and begin to use. It includes a task manager to help you assign tasks to certain goals.

Remember the Milk - This is a free online task manager that you can also use offline.

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Stay Motivated to Keep Your Goals

Take a minute to keep yourself motivated to set and keep your goals with our fast affirmations goal setting video.

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